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In my next session on Tilos I continued the mix serie entitled "Legends Of Dubstep" to present the greatests artists of the genre.

In the fourth part I played tunes only from Kromestar. His sound is easily recognizable, absolutely on the deeper side of the genre. He is one of the top of tops in wobble sound, but he is also master in deep, meditative, atmospheric sound. It was a diverse selection, I think it was worth to keep with me again!


01.Kromestar - Here We Come [Southside Dubstarz SSDUB011]
02.Kromestar - Aggravation [Southside Dubstars DUBSTAR10]
03.Kromestar - Witch Kraft [Southside Dubstarz SSDUB011]
04.Kromestar - Know Your Enemy [System Music SYSTM021]
05.Kromestar - Loung'in [Nebula Music Group NMGRLP001PT1]
06.Kromestar - Rainy Dayz [Deep Medi Musik UK MEDI006]
07.Kromestar - Weak (Deep Heads DEEPHLPKRM1)
08.Kromestar - Medievil Warrior (Deep Heads DEEPHLPKRM1)
09.Kromestar - Pass the light (Deep Heads DEEPHLPKRM1)
10.Kromestar - My Sound (Deep Heads DEEPHLPKRM1)
11.Kromestar - Unknown Strobes [Nebula Music Group NMGRLP001PT2]
12.Kromestar - Frenemy (Deep Heads DEEPHLPKRM1)
13.Kromestar - Soul Grabber [Nebula Music Group NMGRLP001PT2]
14.Kromestar - Lion And Thunder [LION002]
15.Pinch - Boxer (Kromestar Remix) [Tectonic TEC103]
16.Kromestar - Hurricane Rock [Dubstar Records DUBSTARRED]
17.Kromestar - Surgery [Deep Medi Musik UK MEDI001]
18.Kromestar - The Beez [Nebula Music Group NMGR004]
19.Kromestar - Jabber Jawz [One Gun Salute OGS003]
20.Kromestar - Off The Hook [Dubstar Records DUBSTARBLACK]
21.Pinch - Swish (Kromestar Remix) [Tectonic TEC103]
22.Kromestar ft.Cessman - Kalawanji [Deep Medi Musik UK MEDI001]
23.Kromestar - Inner Trance [Nebula Music Group NMGRLP001PT1]
24.Kromestar - Eye2eye [Nebula Music Group NMGR004]
25.Kromestar - Technique [Dubstar Records DUBSTARRED]
26.Kromestar - Inside [Dubstar Records DUBSTARGREEN]
27.Kromestar - Go Away (Deep Heads DEEPHLPKRM1)