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In this session I had a special guest again! I proudly presented you one of the most up and coming name in the hungarian dubstep scene: Leap. He is active in the deeper side of more bassheavy musical genres (dubstep, jungle, drumandbass) and his works already released on Sub Audio, Silent Motion, ASAN, Indigo Movement just to name a few of the many digital releases, but his first vinyl release was out in the last year on the similarly up and coming Frozen Plates!

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1.Mala - Kotos (feat Asociacion Juvenil Puno)
2.Töki – Pew Pew
3.Leftlow – Slumber
4.Leap – Para Diddle
5.Clearlight - Circular Thinking (LAS remix)
6.Gantz – Stayer
7.Cluekid - Bunn Da Sensi
8.The Widdler - Oops! ( Big Belly Dub )
9.Jack Sparrow - Where Am I
10.DST - When Shining Lies
11.Benga - E Trips
12.Saule – Pistola
13.Malleus, Saule – Bad Kids
14.3wa - Encanto
15.Mala - Markos Swagga
16.3wa – Viagem
17.Traces – Adapt
18.Töki - Raspect
19.Jack Sparrow – Phat Alf
20.Kromestar – EYE2EYE
21.Causa – Meditation
22.Leap – Swam
23.Jack Sparrow – High Fidelity
24.Commodo – Surveillance
25.Cyrus – Soul Seeker
26.Saule, Oxóssi – Ride It
27.Prism, Saule – Grow Stronger
28.JSL – Skin Out
29.Hebbe – Mad Hatter (Headland Remix)
30.Sensi – Fluctuation
31.Shu/Zygos – Landfall
32.LAS – Malfunktions
33.Foamplate – Tabula
34.Mala – Inga Gani
35.Ternion Sound – Parasite 6
36.Malleus - Parce Qu'il Est Mort
37.Mz Bratt - Selecta (German Version)
38.Gantz - Lyrical Trick
39.Leap – Ravin
40.Commodo – Dyrge
41.Mala - Revolution