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In my next session on Tilos I continued the mix serie entitled "Legends Of Dubstep" to present the greatests artists of the genre.

In the third part I played tunes only from the master of metall-sound of dubstep, Dj Distance. His sound is easily recognizable, absolutely on the deeper side of the genre, but still great for a rave.

01.Distance - Replicant [Boka 001 A]
02.Distance - Taipan [Boka 004 AA]
03.Distance - Empire [Hot Flush HF008 B]
04.Distance - Insider [not on label, bandcamp release]
05.Distance - Shiverz [Lix Corruption LCSR006]
06.Distance - Saints 'N Sinners [Boka 003]
07.Distance - Fallen [Boka 004 A]
08.Distance - Scratch The Surface [Chestplate CHST042]
09.Distance - Can You Dub [Chestplate CHST036 B1]
10.Distance - Tuning [Planet Mu ZIQ170 B2]
11.Distance - Radical [Chestplate CHEST001 A]
12.Distance - Clash [Chestplate CHST042]
13.Distance - Awaken [Chestplate CHST045]
14.Distance - Cyclops
15.Distance - Night Vision [Planet Mu ZIQ170 A1]
16.Distance - Ska [Planet Mu ZIQ170 C1]
17.Distance - Straight Up [Chestplate CHST036 B2]
18.Distance - Traffic
19.Milanese ft. Virus Syndicate - Dead Man Walking (DJ Distance Remix) [Planet Mu ZIQ172CD]
21.Distance - Travels [Ringo 002]
22.Distance - My Demons [Planet Mu ZIQ170 B2]
23.Distance - Andromeda [Chestplate CHST030]
24.Distance - Long Live The Groove [Chestplate CHST036 A]
25.Distance - Weigh Down [Planet Mu ZIQ170 B1]
26.Distance - Settling Scores [Chestplate CHST045]