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In this session I played a 100% vinyl selection with some freshness in my bag and also a set from the records I have from Glume and Phossa. 19 tracks only from them almost 50 minutes is my Special Session where I show you their works. Beautiful melodies, unique soundscapes, mixage of abstract hip-hop and techno influenced dubstep from the trappy side of the genre. These guys know something! For more informations check out the following links:


01.PTF1987 - ID [Bass 372 BASS372.002 A1]
02.LSN - Renegade [Uprise Audio UA008]
03.Opus - Reach [Chestplate CHST046 B2]
04.Bisweed - Akhinea [Bass 372 BASS372.002 B1]
05.Opus - Crumble [Chestplate CHST046 A]
06.Sleeper & Youngsta - Hello [Crucial CRUCIAL027 B1]
07.DPRTNDRP - Trasher [Infernal Sounds IFS018 B2]
08.Ourman - Onward & Downward [Egregore Collective EGV001]
09.Sleeper & Youngsta - Systematic Error [Crucial CRUCIAL027 A]
10.Cartdridge - Sacred Scrollz [Albion Collective ACXI B2]
11.Eva808 - Exchange (Welcome To London Vocal) [Innamind IMX005 A]
12.Phossa - Ice [Panel Audio PNL003 A1]
13.Glume & Phossa - Pariah [White Peach WPR038]
14.Phossa - Settle [Panel Audio PNL003 A2]
15.Glume & Phossa ft. Ghidorah - Buried [White Peach WPR038]
16.Glume & Phossa - Opal [Crucial CRUCIAL025]
17.Phossa - Red Velvet [Panel Audio PNL003 B1]
18.Glume & Phossa - Hatchet [White Peach WPR038]
19.Glume & Phossa - Yucatan [Encrypted Audio ENV023]
20.Glume & Phossa - Tusk [White Peach WPR038]
21.Glume - Thug VIP [Albion Collective ALBION004.1]
22.Glume & Phossa - Ferel [Crucial CRUCIAL025]
23.Glume - Shriek [Subaltern SUBALT020]
24.Glume & Phossa - Bat Country [Encrypted Audio ENV023]
25.Glume & Phossa - Ruins [Crucial CRUCIAL025]
26.Glume & Phossa - Puppetz (original) [white PPZ001]
27.Glume & Phossa - IMHK [Subaltern SUBALT020]
28.Glume & Phossa - Apogee [Encrypted Audio ENV023]
29.Phossa - Deathly Stare [Subaltern SUBALT020]
30.Phossa - Kindred [Panel Audio PNL003 B2]