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Finally spring is here, when the nature is renewing, fantastic natural flavours fill in the spaces and the fresh energies are almost to reach! In my next session on Tilos I also continued with fresh power presenting musics with subfrequencies in the centre and the title of the session that fits to this period is Subsonic Spring Sessions, already since many years.

In the third part of the 2024 Subsonic Spring Sessions, I selected music from the era of the dubstep style, when newer and possibly earlier generations of producers dressed up the dubstep basics with new solutions, added a fresher, darker, but still sparkling sound to the sub-bass range, meanwhile the sound remained still deep.

If you missed the live session, you can listen to the archive, or if you did not miss it, but you liked it you can listen to it again in the archive of the Radio Tilos!

01.Bengal Sound - On The Hill [artist bandcamp release]
02.Cadik - Banana Magic [White Peach WPR041]
03.Ishan Sound - NN special [Tectonic TEC077]
04.ADS1 - Sobek [LDHD018]
05.Chief Kaya - Human Nature (feat Rakjay - original mix) [Locus Sound LOCUS027]
06.Cimm - Grape Lime Ricky [Sentry SEN015]
07.DE-TÜ - Kingdom [Innamind Recordings IMRV036, track 2]
08.Burke - Detail [BURKE 003]
09.Commodo - Guah [Sector 7 Sounds S7S013]
10.Drone And Hyroglifics - Faded [System Musik UK SYSTM037]
11.Commodo - Dyrge [Black Acre ACRE074]
12.Glume & Phossa - Puppetz (Taiko Remix) [white PPZ001]
13.Glume & Phossa - Superfly (Glume & Phossa mix) [black label BURST002]
14.207 - Kazoku [White Peach WPR066]
15.Zha - Voices [NAAN006]
16.Glume & Phossa - Lantern [26.Rain 26RAIND001]
17.Cartridge - Elephante [HotPlates HP009]
18.Ourman - Rub A Thug [White Peach WPR052]
19.Argo - Vital Needs [Egregore Collective EGR014EP, track 1]
20.Drone ft. Snowy - All I Know [1985 Music ONEF053]
21.Kanomotis - Dispute [Deep End Movement DPNDF16]
22.NotLö - Outskirts [NotLö bandcamp release]
23.Slin - Blue Springs [Bass 372 BASS372.002 B2]
24.Argo - Impulse - [Encrypted Audio ENV002 A]
25.Sleeper - Oram Mode [System Music SYSTM022 A]
26.Rips  - Hydrochloric [Plantpower PLANTPOWER008 B]
27.Fiend - Jah Hear Me [Navy Cut NAVYCUT007]
28.q100, QZ & FLO - Kapo [Flodubs bandcamp release]
29.Rips  - 2.5mm Flex [Plantpower PLANTPOWER008 A]
30.Dayzero - Know What - [Encrypted Audio ENV005 B]
31.Ether - DaFunk -Samba x Chokez Remix- (Encrypted Audio ENV025b)
32.Kryo - Trappy Dub (Encrypted Audio ENV016)
33.KRSLD ft. Flowdan - Zero Tolerance [Retribution RETRIBUTION001]
34.Quasar - Submersible [Foundation Audio FAV019]
35.Numa Crew feat Killa P & Long Range - Bun Dem Down [System Musik UK SYSTM045]
36.OME - Nada [Wheel & Deal Records WHEELYDEALY086 A1]
37.Headland - Gaspar (original mix) [Innamind System Music INNASYSTM 001]