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Finally spring is here, when the nature is renewing, fantastic natural flavours fill in the spaces and the fresh energies are almost to reach! In my next session on Tilos I also continued with fresh power presenting musics with subfrequencies in the centre and the title of the session that fits to this period is Subsonic Spring Sessions, already since many years.

In the first part of the 2024 Subsonic Spring Sessions, I selected from the dubstep releases of the last weeks and months. A lot of new excellent music has appeared again, with incredible deep subs, sick wobble basses, pleasant melodies, and catchy lyrics.

If you missed the live session, you can listen to the archive, or if you did not miss it, but you liked it you can listen to it again in the archive of the Radio Tilos!

01.Torcha - Purple-Net [LDHTRACKS001]
02.Kairo - Odokuro [Abysmal Entities AE020]
03.Farce - Faces [Too Much Collective bandcamp release, tr.1. from Night Pay EP]
04.V.I.V.E.K - U Dub [System Musik SYSTM048]
05.Avaword - 7am (Prod. Frost) [1Forty tr.1.of 1FGRM009]
06.7Kidz - Vacuum [LDH LDHD 024]
07.Cerebral-Cuts - N30V6140 [140 Ninja 011]
08.Adzzy - Sandwalk [Redacted]
09.Buckley - B.D.B. [1Forty tr.3.of 1FGRM009]
10.Delta - Perpetua (original mix) [LDHTRACKS002]
11.PAV4N, Wraz. & Illaman - Yung Ghost [Darkmode 4ND 077]
12.Biome - Afraid [1985 Music ONEF058]
13.Noisily Infected & ANKU Ft. GadManDubs - Demon's Soul [WiddFam free download, tr.27 of WiddFam Compilation 2023]
14.Darkai - Body Armour [Artikal Music UK ARTKL 067]
15.Silica - Synergy [Kikuji KKJ 007]
16.Ome - Don't Try [Locus Sound LOCUSV 005]
17.Saraphim - Suara Api [Nomine Sound NS 026]
18.Cartridge - Stone Cold [Cartridge bandcamp release]
19.Gulivr - 50Bukz [Basskruit BSSKRT021]
20.EKSTR - Let Man Live Life [Basskruit BSSKRT020]
21.Daggz - The Cosmos [Odyzey Music CAT 1017484]
22.DST - Accelerate! [unreleased]
23.Ternion Sound x Bukez Finezt - The Return [bandcamp release]
24.Beatsforbeaches La Dame Xtanki - Eazy Baba (VIP) [BASSIN 14]
25.Distinct Motive - NC012 Hamburg (Bukez Finezt Remix 2024) [Navy Cut NC012]
26.Torcha - Factory Dub [LDHTRACKS001]
27.DRUO - Anxious [WiddFam free download, tr.10 of WiddFam Compilation 2023]
28.Unkey ft. Illaman - Offkey [Dark Mode 4ND 082]
29.Kromestar - Instigator [BOKA 055]
30.Egoless - Rivers Of The Earth [Deep MEDi Musik UK MEDILP 018]