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In this Dawn Tempo, I continued the "DefroSTing Sessions", my mix series traditionally played in the winter months, with which I try to make the atmosphere of cold winter mornings less frosty with pleasant music.

In this show, I played a breakbeat set: starting with a slightly more relaxed return to the roots of the style, Nu Skool Breaks, and then arriving at more danceable music, but it didn't end with a big crush either.

Listen to the archive if you missed the live session, or if you did not miss it, but you liked it you can listen to it again in the archive of the Radio Tilos!

01.McMillan & Anderson - Definition [Thursday Club Recordings RENN3040]
02.Waveform - Escape [Thursday Club RENNLP002]
03.McMillan & Anderson - Vital Art [Thursday Club Recordings RENN3040 B1]
04.Ils - Music [Marine Parade MAPA012]
05.Orange Kush - Zat [Botchit & Scarper BOS2019 A]
06.Atomic Hooligan - Viper [Distinctive Breaks Y4K005EP1]
07.Ils - Next Level [Marine Parade MAPA012]
08.Ils - Weight Gain 4000 [Perfecto PERFALB14TP2]
09.Issi Noho - First snow (General Midi remix) [Acetate Music ACE S01 Big Fish Music Ltd.]
10.Noroi - Transoceanic [Spheres Ireland SPHERES001 B2]
11.Waveform - Drifter [Thursday Club RENNLP002]
12.Orange Kush - Recoil [Botchit & Scarper BOS2019 B]
13.Pete Voyager - Fineline [London Breakz LBZ004]
14.Proper Filthy Naughty - To The Beat (original) [10 Kilo 10KG026]
15.Breakneck - Y-Trip [Thursday Club RENN3058]
16.Dj Killer - Feel The Bass [N-Mity Sound MITY002]
17.Chris SU & Flack SU - Eradicate (Amb Remix) [Breaks4Ever BRKZ4E004]
18.Spike featuring Sly - Toxic Culture [Distinctive Breaks Y4K005EP1 B1]