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In the latest Dawn Tempo, I continued the "DefroSTing Sessions", my mix series traditionally played in the winter months, with which I try to make the atmosphere of cold winter mornings less frosty with pleasant music.

In this show I choosed from the dubstep section of my record collection, including newer and older pieces, and the atmosphere was still to be pleasant and light.

Listen to the archive if you missed the live session, or if you did not miss it, but you liked it you can listen to it again in the archive of the Radio Tilos!

01.Amp Fiddler - If I Don't (Dubstep Mix 2 by Scuba) [ABUCS002]
02.One - Kontrafunk (Scuba's Hotflush Remix) [Kontra-Musik KM005]
03.Amp Fiddler - If I Don't (Dubstep Mix 1 by Scuba) [ABUCS002]
04.Author ft. Quark - After Time [Navy Cut NAVYCUTLP001 A1]
05.Congi - Tides [White Peach WPR053 B2]
06.Phossa - Lotus [White Peach WPR047]
07.De-Tü & Congi - Off My Chest [White Peach WPR053 A1]
08.Ourman - Dizzy [White Peach WPR060 A1]
09.Phossa - Kindred [Panel Audio PNL003 B2]
10.Author ft. Jehst & Stig Of The Dump - In The Sky [Navy Cut NAVYCUTLP001 B2]
11.Glume & Phossa - Puppetz (original) [white PPZ001]
12.Aquarius - Wow [tr.6. of Soulquencies album on Scrub A Dub SCRUBLP001]
13.Kromestar - Loung'in [Nebula Music Group NMGRLP001PT1]
14.Aquarius - Triplet [tr.2. of Soulquencies album on Scrub A Dub SCRUBLP001]
15.Taiko - Spent [White Peach WPR051 B1]
16.Ourman - Zengo [White Peach WPR063 A1]
17.Ourman - Glock [White Peach WPR067 A2]
18.Ourman - Second Thoughts [White Peach WPR063 A2]
19.Cartridge - Sacred Scrollz [Albion Collective ALBION011 B2]
20.Silkie - Big 45 [Deep Medi Musik UK MEDILP016]
21.Skream - Deep Concentration [TEMPA020]
22.Headhunter - Sleepwalker [Tempa 019]
23.Reso - Toasted [Pitch Black PITCH003 A]
24.Orien - A Distant Place [Art 001]