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One more year has passed again and the time has come to summarize the most played and/or highest-rated music in one set, as you may already be used to at the end of each year!

Listen to the archive if you missed the live session, or if you did not miss it, but you liked it you can listen to it again in the archive of the Radio Tilos!


01.Bukkha - Solitaire [System Music SYSTM044]
02.Ezeph ft. Milton Spencer - Deeper [Moonshine Recordings MSLP015]
03.Tubby Isiah - Conscious Calling [Moonshine MSLP 016]
04.Jiro - Aura [Sub Element SUB034]
05.DST - Just A Blink (Just A Rave mix) [unreleased]
06.FLO - Orange Dub (Happy Face) [FLO bandcamp release track 2 of Spectrum EP]
07.J.Sparrow - Good Love [Navy Cut NCDIG007]
08.Legend4ry - Swingin' [Dank'N'Dirty DANK107]
09.KROMESTAR - PSYCHOACTIVE [Nebula Music Group NMGRLP002, tr. 03]
10.Visages - MK Ultra [1985 Music bandcamp release, track 1 from From Lead To Gold LP]
11.Numa Crew feat Killa P & Long Range - Bun Dem Down [System Musik UK SYSTM045]
12.Ome - Don't Try [Locus Sound LOCUSV 005]
13.Raybee x Rakjay - Where The Bar Is [1Forty tr.2.of 1FGRM009]
14.207 - Kazoku [White Peach WPR066]
15.Zha - Voices [NAAN006]
16.DE-TÜ - Kingdom [Innamind Recordings IMRV036, track 2]
17.Josi Devil - Sunk Still [Innamind Recordings IMRV035, track 2]
18.Beatsforbeaches La Dame Xtanki - Eazy Baba (VIP) [BASSIN 14]
19.EchoBoy - Roots Of Dub [Soul Ex Machina SEMPLATE001]
20.Cartridge - Elephante [HotPlates HP009]
21.Bisweed - Matrix [Artikal Musik UK ARTKL064]
22.Leo Cap - Free Your Mind [Artikal Musik UK ARTKL063]
23.Peaky Beats - Cats In Calcutta [Peaky Beats Digital CATDUBS 002]
24.Radikal Guru & Dubbing Sun ft. Vale & Cheshire Cat - Good Ganja [Moonshine Recordings MS068 A]
25.Khanum - Militant Movement [Locus Sound LOCUSV 005]
26.NVRMND - Chatter [Next Level bandcamp release 2023, track 5 of Update 2.0 album]
27.DST - Ghosts [unreleased]
28.Krugah - Tense Moments [Vivid VIVIDR09]