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Once again, the year passed and before the Christmas holiday, I again played pleasant, melodious music in the Dawn Tempo broadcast, which was closest to it and which I hosted. Of course, staying within the framework of the musical styles I usually play, the set consisted mainly of dubstep and some more relaxed glitchy downtempo music!

Listen to the archive if you missed the live session, or if you did not miss it, but you liked it you can listen to it again in the archive of the Radio Tilos!


01.Tipper - Ambergris [Tippermusic TIPP00DL12]
02.Tipper - Shelled (Tippermusic - Jettison Mind Hatch album)
03.Siq - Being Different [Addictech ADDICTECH109]
04.Vetrix - Casulis Reflexis [Pyramid Transmission PTDIGILP002]
05.Barom - Inim [Off-Switch Audio OSD004]
06.Glume & Phossa - Lantern [26.Rain 26RAIND001]
07.Vaun & Animai - Taking Over (Anex Remix) [artist bandcamp free download Xmas Gift 2013]
08.J.Sparrow - Good Love [Navy Cut NCDIG007]
09.Datra - Falling Stars [Tartaar vol.1 free download]
10.K-Man - Sensations [Tribe12 T12004]
16.Kromestar ft. J5ive - Mind Pattern [Deep Medi Musik MEDI060]
17.Kromestar feat. Team Starfleet - Outer Limit [Cosmic Bridge CBR 002]
18.Dark Tantrums - Unborn [Deep Medi Musik MEDI054]
19.FLO - Orange Dub (Happy Face) [FLO bandcamp release track 2 of Spectrum EP]
20.Drews Theory - Come My Way [Dank 'N' Dirty Dubz free download]
21.Sir Hiss - Anatolian Heartland (K-LONE Remix) [Wych Music WYCH004]
22.Synkro - Heres Your [Box Clever BOXCL008]
23.Congi - LOTP (Chord Marauders bandcamp release, track 02 from album Congi - Tidal Fragments)
24.Congi & B9 - Scales, Steps & Intervals (Chord Marauders bandcamp release, track 09 from album Congi - Tidal Fragments)
25.Kanomotis - Pesem o Kralju [Deep End Movement DPNDF13]
26.Zeb Samuels & Kiko Continentino - About That Time [Deep Heads bandcamp release]
27.Phossa - Settle [Panel Audio PNL003 A2]
28.Dr. Toast - Book of Ingenious Devices [free download track 1 of Gravity is Quiet album]