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On this morning on Radio Tilos, I continued my mix series called "Legends Of Dubstep", during which I compile mixes of the music of the legendary creators of the genre.

The previous selections of the series were these mixes:
In the fifth part, I pulled one of the most valued compartments of my record collection off the shelf and exclusively played the music of one of the members of Digital Mystikz, Mala. Mala's sound is easily recognizable and belongs to the deeper side of the style. He is the master of deep meditative sound, where the atmosphere is dubwise, the subs grab your stomach and the percussive section is crazy.

Listen to the archive if you missed the live session, or if you did not miss it, but you liked it you can listen to it again in the archive of the Radio Tilos!


01.Mala vs. Johnny Clark - Sinners [Ringo RNG008]
02.Digital Mystikz - 2 Much Chat [DMZ030]
03.Digital Mystikz - Return II Space [DMZLP001(DMZ017)]
04.Digital Mystikz - Eyez [DMZLP001(DMZ016)]
05.Mala - Hunter [DMZ011]
06.Digital Mystikz - Enter Dimensions [DMZ022]
07.Mala - Walkin With Jah [Soul Jazz SJR135-12]
08.Digital Mystikz - Unexpected [DMZLP001(DMZ015)]
09.Mala - Ten Dread Commandments [DMZ002]
10.Mala - Neverland [DMZ005]
11.Mala - Anti War Dub [DMZ007]
12.Digital Mystikz - Education [DMZ021]
13.Mala - Forgive [Deep Medi Musik MEDI004]
14.Digital Mystikz - Livin' Different [DMZLP001(DMZ017)]
15.Mala - Lean Forward [DMZ012]
16.Mala - Bury The Bwoy [DMZ011]
17.Mala - Misty Winter [Soul Jazz SJR134-12]
18.Digital Mystikz - Mountain Dread March [DMZLP001(DMZ016)]
19.Mala - Left Leg Out [DMZ010]
20.Mala - Learn [DMZ012]
21.Digital Mystikz - Wait [Soul Jazz SJR 161-12]
22.Digital Mystikz - Pop Pop Epic [DMZLP001(DMZ015)]
23.Fat Freddie's Drop - Cays Crays (Digital Mystikz version) [Kartel KART012]
24.Mala - Changes [Deep Medi Musik MEDI004]