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On this morning following the tradition of the last years on Radio Tilos I continued the autumn mix-session entitled "Fall-N-iN-Bass Sessions". Bass in focus.

In the second episode of the Fall-N-iN-Bass Sessions 2023 I played a mix of atmoshperic jungle tunes. On this morning again endless pads, calm melodies and stumbling, fine clattering drumsections attended the subs.

Listen to the archive if you missed the live session, or if you did not miss it, but you liked it you can listen to it again in the archive of the Radio Tilos!


01.Shebuzzz and Asymmetric - Something Strange [Dissymetrical bandcamp release Dissymetrical 33]
02.Krugah - Out There Somewhere [Vivid VIVIDR09]
03.Blade - Bearings [One7Six bandcamp release ONE7SIX 011]
04.Kola Nut - Dream World [Repertoire bandcamp release LEMON001]
05.Tommy The Cat - Space Agent [Vibez 93 VIBEZ93011]
06.Blade - Chord Tune [Vibez '93 VIBEZ93010 A1]
07.Pickleman - Electric Dreams (Mecca remix) [Detrimental Audio DETR 02]
08.Qant - Outer Self [Vibez 93 VIBEZ93007]
09.Krugah - Tense Moments [Vivid VIVIDR09]
10.Ronan - Call Of The Wild [Eternal Ocean EO003]
11.Law & Kola Nut - Flow State [Repertoire bandcamp release LEMON001]
12.Hidden Agenda - Swing Time [Metalheadz METH020]
13.Qant - Waiting Game [Vibez 93 VIBEZ93007]
14.ASC - The Shallows [ASC77 bandcamp release 2023, track 4 of The Depths of Space LP]
15.ASC - Messages From Space [Auxiliary SPTL004]
16.RQ - Traces [Blu Mar Ten bandcamp release]
17.Blade - Dream Sample [One7Six bandcamp release ONE7SIX 008]
18.Qant - Repression Dub [Vibez 93 VIBEZ93007]
19.Senses - Fatal Fountain [Repertoire bandcamp release REPRV030]