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I finished the 2023 Summerizm Sessions mix series by selecting music from the jungle section and the ragga-jungle section of my record collection.

Listen to the archive if you missed the live session, or if you did not miss it, but you liked it you can listen to it again in the archive of the Radio Tilos!


01.Unknown Artist - Uruhu [Rasta Vibez RASTA022V A]
02.Scott Allen - The Almighty [Rasta Vibez RASTA015V B2]
03.Scott Allen & Deeper Concentration - We Nah Run [Rasta Vibez RASTA013V B]
04.Rasta Vibez - World A Jungle Music [Rasta Vibez RASTA002V]
05.Unknown - Herbalist [Rasta Vibez RASTA003V]
06.Scott Allen - Days Of Dub [Rasta Vibez RASTA015V A1]
07.Left Lucas and Sum - Jah Fu_king Jungle [Mos-Hi MHR004]
08.Congo Natty ft. Tenor Fly - Ses Jungle [Congo Conscious CONSCIOUS001]
09.Unknown Artist - Superstylin' (Dnb) [white label SUPERSTYLIN 001]
10.Pixel - Armed & Dangerous [Rasta Vibez RASTA12003]
11.Conquering Lion - Code Red (94' Remix) [Congo Natty CONGONATTY06]
12.DJ Rap Meets Top Cat - Ruffest Gun Ark [Re-Animate Recordings ANIMATE 4 LP C2]
13.Mystic Pulse ft. Pixel - Strictly Rubadub [Rasta Vibez RASTA012V]
14.Rasta Vibez - Ice Cream Sound [Rasta Vibez RASTA002V]
15.Rebel MC ft. Top Cat - Herbsman Part 2 [Congo Natty CONGONATTY10]
16.Rasta Vibez - Steppin´(Rollers RMX) [Rasta Vibez RASTA001V]
17.Pixel - Soundclash [Rasta Vibez RASTA008V A]
18.Gunmen - Running Over [Rasta Vibez RASTA018V]
19.Scott Allen - Remember The Words [Rasta Vibez RASTA015V A2]
20.Scott Allen & Deeper Concentration - River Jordan [Rasta Vibez RASTA013V A]
21.Pixel - Babylon [Rasta Vibez RASTA014]
22.Mystic Pulse - D&B Selecta [Rasta Vibez RASTA12001 B]
23.Pixel - Get Mash Up [Rasta Vibez RASTA12003]
24.Flatliners & Mr Foul - Jah Victory [45Seven 4572]
25.King Fifi - King Riddim [45Seven 45713]
26.Beam Up - Gerrup [45Seven 45715]
27.Jahdubtahz - Dub Street [45Seven 4579]
28.Beam Up & Bukkha - Double Trouble [45Seven 45722]