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In the next, fifth episode of Subsonic Spring Sessions 2023 I selected again in the latest weeks and months dubstep releases. Plenty of excellent new tunes have been released, with incredible deep subs, sick wobble basses, wonderful melodies, razor sharp vocals.


01.Sam ULG - Search Engine [Off-Switch Audio bandcamp release 2023]
02.Legend4ry - Swingin' [Dank'N'Dirty DANK107]
03.J.Sparrow - VIBE GARDEN [J.Sparrow bandcamp release 2023]
04.Bisweed - Matrix [Artikal Musik UK ARTKL064]
05.Leo Cap - Free Your Mind [Artikal Musik UK ARTKL063]
06.Somah - Roaming [Somah bandcamp release]
07.Josi Devil - Sunk Still [Innamind Recordings IMRV035, track 2]
08.DE-TÜ - Kingdom [Innamind Recordings IMRV036, track 2]
09.CONTRA - Connected Through The Sound [Dank'N'Dirty bandcamp release, 420 Compilation 2023, track 11]
10.DRUO - The Surface [Future Follower Records bandcamp release 2023]
11.EGOLESS - Empire of Dirt (Dub Version) [Deep Medi Musik bandcamp release 2023]
12.The Widdler - Dem Boy [Dank'N'Dirty bandcamp release, 420 Compilation 2023, track 1]
13.DRUO - Goes On [Future Follower Records bandcamp release 2023, track 4 of Deep Waters EP]
14.Biome - Subfucker [Biome bandcamp release 2023]
15.Bukez Finezt - French Hideaway [Next Level bandcamp release 2023, track 2 of Update 2.0 album]
16.K0JAK - Button [Macrocell bandcamp release 2023, MCRCLL003, track 3]
17.NVRMND - Chatter [Next Level bandcamp release 2023, track 5 of Update 2.0 album]
18.Leo Cap - So Damn Beat [Artikal Musik UK ARTKL063]
19.Ternion Sound - Reckless [Ternion Sound bandcamp release Reckless EP]
20.Raybee - Alarm [Illicit ILL 005]
21.Drone ft. Snowy - All I Know [1985 Music ONEF053]
22.Jook, Boofy & P Money - Clout [Sector 7 Sounds, S7SXX 2]
23.DST - Ghosts [unreleased]
24.Chief Kaya - Human Nature (feat Rakjay - original mix) [Locus Sound LOCUS027]
25.Argo - Vital Needs [Egregore Collective EGR014EP, track 1]
26.Cartridge - Elephante [HotPlates HP009]
27.Pharma - Danubia [FRZNTMP_I A]
28.Legend4ry - Beep [Dank'N'Dirty DANK107]
29.Dillard - Jungle Funk [Dank'N'Dirty bandcamp release, 420 Compilation 2023, track 2]
30.DST - Just A Blink [unreleased]