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Finally spring is here, when the nature is renewing, fantastic natural flavours fill in the spaces and the fresh energies are almost to reach! In this session on Tilos I continued with fresh power presenting musics with subfrequencies in the centre, the title fits to the season, Subsonic Spring Sessions, and the third episode of it in 2023 breakbeat was the main direction.

From the deeper, more melodic breaks I moved to the tunes more fore dance, the tempo increased progressively, and in the end I also added some oldscool UK hardcore breakbeats to the selection. I coupled some new to the tunes of my old records and you could hear by this time the "Just A Rave Mix", the more breaky rework of the DST dubstep track entitled Just A Blink. I became a real speacial set at the end: I rarely play breakbeat set, progressivy break more rarely, UK hardcore like this even more rarely and in the end a brand new tune from me appeared.

Listen to the archive if you missed the live session, or if you did not miss it, but you liked it you can listen to it again in the archive of the Radio Tilos!


01.Waveform - Escape [Thursday Club RENNLP002]
02.Waveform - Deep Dubz [Thursday Club RENNLP002]
03.Escape Two - The Countryside Trip [Dreamers DREAM V B1]
04.Spike featuring Sly - Toxic culture [Distinctive Breaks Y4K005EP1]
05.Silkie - Escape Route [Anarchostar ANRCHSTR002]
06.Stanton Warriors - Break Me With You [Punks BOOB001]
07.Stisch feat.Magnus Carlson - Beauty In Me (EK Dub) [Sound Of Habib SOHR013]
08.Sunscape & Chris Dee - Freaksound (Koma & Bones Remix) [Kubist KUB004]
09.Jiro - Aura [Sub Element SUB034]
10.QB Project_02 - Come Closer [London Breakz LBZ002]
11.Jiro - The Junglist (Original Mix) [Toast And Jam Recordings TJ089]
12.Breakneck - Y-Trip [Thursday Club RENN3058]
13.Jason Laidback & Jem Stone - Mantra [Toast & Jam TJ149]
14.Nosk - Acid Fire [83 OYT 111]
15.Ils - Next Level [Marine Parade MAPA012]
16.Infusion - Dead Souls [Marine Parade MAPA021]
17.Unknown Artist - Camargue [RIDDIM004]
18.Blame - Music Takes You (2 Bad Mice Take You) [Moving Shadow SHADOW157]
19.DST - Just A Blink (Just A Rave Mix) [unreleased]
20.Rebel MC Introducing Little T - Rich Ah Getting Richer (B-Line Ruff Neck Mix) [Big Life BLRT 70]
21.Hyper-On-Experience - Lord Of The Null Lines (Aquasky & Master Blaster rmx) [Distinctive Breakz Y4KLP003]
22.Ils - Music [Marine Parade MAPA012]