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Finally spring is here, when the nature is renewing, fantastic natural flavours fill in the spaces and the fresh energies are almost to reach! In this session on Tilos I continued with fresh power presenting musics with subfrequencies in the centre, the title fits to the season, Subsonic Spring Sessions, and the second episode of it in 2023 dubstep was the main direction. Deep, atmospheric dubstep tunes were to listen in the set, among them more melodic pieces, and although sometimes the beats linked to 2step garage way, the deep pulsation held on till the end.

Listen to the archive if you missed the live session, or if you did not miss it, but you liked it you can listen to it again in the archive of the Radio Tilos!


01.Ike Release - Cool blue [TDUBS]
02.Asusu - No Kya (Original) [Project Squared PSQ004]
03.Skream - Hitch [Tempa TEMPA041]
04.dBridge - Digital Dread [Sentry SEN001]
05.Asylum - Zero Gravity [Uprise Audio UALP001]
06.Asylum - Things You Don't Know [Uprise Audio UA009]
07.Indiji - Shake The Foundations [Uprise Audio UA007]
08.Seven - Go To War [Uprise Audio UA004]
09.Seven & Dubtek - Stratosfear [Uprise Audio UALP001]
10.Unkey feat Toast - Focusing [Dungeon Beats DNG 002]
11.Benga & Walsh - Addicts [Texture TEX011]
12.J Kenzo - All In [Artikal Musik UK ARTKLP003]
13.LAS - Uuha [Innamind IMRV006]
14.Leap - Phantom (RDG Remix) [Sub Audio SUBAF009]
15.T.A.R. & J. Sparrow - Amplivagant (J. Sparrow Remix) [RAREFIEDREMIX1]
16.D-Operation Drop - Sheba [Artikal Music UK ARTKLP001]
17.yrDubz - Night Affairs [bandcamp release]
18.Digital Mystikz - Enter Dimensions [DMZ022]
19.DST - Time Progresssion [unreleased]
20.J Sparrow - Kaleidadope [Deep Medi MEDILP014]
21.Biome - Shivers [Biome bandcamp release track 2 of "The Really Good" EP]
22.Biome - Delta [Tempa TEMPA090]
23.Seven - Orbital [Uprise Audio UALPS002]
24.DST - Dark Innerverse [unreleased]
25.Nomine - Enma [Tempa TEMPA089]
26.Biome - Cromos [Tempa TEMPA090]
27.Somah & Nova - Heart Sprint [Scrub A Dub SCRUB021]