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  • 10. Jul. 2023
    DST - Sideway (2023)
    Label: Dubwise No Compromise Format: Digital Release date: 10th July 2023 Cat.No.: N/A Available here: From the bandcamp site of the label: This is our third international compilation album,...
  • 01. Jun. 2022
    DST - Runaway (2022)
    Label: Dubwise No Compromise Format: Digital Release date: 1/June/2022 Cat.No.: N/A Available here: Clips and more link very soon! Few words about the release via Dubwise No Compromise...
  • 10. Jun. 2020
    DST - Circles EP (2020)
    Label: Subotage Records Format: Digital Release date: 10/Jun/2020 Cat.No.:SUB039 Available here:      Clips and more link very soon! Few words about the relased via Subotage Records...
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Some words from me about releases.

A 3 tracker have been released from Teffa on the label of the Albion Collective.

Teffa's sound usually can be described as truly deep dubstep sound with massive dubwise influence. With these track Teffa dives into darker dimension of the sound.

The title track "Toastin" is basically fine track with plenty of spaces, hard kicks and some neuro bassline snippets in the background, but nothing extrem thing happens.

The second "Luna" starts with more dubwise intro and continues with more industrial elements. In the first drop the dubwise sound comes back for a short time but goes on with the same industrual sound after it.

My choice from the EP is the final track called "Gelato". It sounds like a little evil in the corner: there is big amount of darkness and Teffa works well with the spaces again.

The EP is cool, bringing the required level but all the tracks are only filler for dj-sets, nothing serious, nothing extremely characteristic. Deep and dark stuff, very good bass and percussion, perfect stucture, but I miss the main theme in all the 3 tracks, melody or something that will remain in your memories for longer than 5 minutes.

Rating: 6/10.

For those, who would not know the name of Biome, please visit at least, because he is one of the most productive producer of dubstep, who has already numerous release on the best labels of the genre.

In the last times he puts out the newest stuffs on his bandcamp site. On October 8. 2020 he put out the latest 5 tracks, entitled as "The Really Good EP", that is right, I think!

In my opinion the "Elevate" is still easily forgottabble, nothing unusual in it: pulsating sub, some scary sounds, some dirty bass. Okay, let's go on.

But the "Shivers" is really up to the mark: the synths with arpeggio makes you move, the filtered bass is melodic, trance-alike, the congas work nice, the pads are nice too. Well it's okay, but still not enough to push that purchase button.

And after comes the tune entitled "Northern"! After the foggy intro we finally get in our face that fat bass we expected! The rhytm section is well done, the bass bruises, the whole track is trooping. Good-good, but this is the first track I would really purchase, I thought in myself, the first 2 is still on the border, this is still not enough, go on!

The intro of "Time Lapse" is very promising with the techno pad, and then it explodes! Good fat bass, little electro beep, kicker synth riffs, hot snare. That is yes!

The final track "The Scent" is the most powerful of the EP. The rhytm section is perfect (I would highlight the nicely filtered snare), Biome works well with the spaces great, the bass is snappy, and after the rinse-out it gets higher too. Perfect. It has been sold to me.