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  • Atmospheric Jungle Session (Fall-N-iN-Bass Sessions 2023 pt.2.) // 30./Sept./2023
    16. Sep. 2023
    Following the tradition of the last years in my next session on Radio Tilos I will continue the autumn mix-session entitled "Fall-N-iN-Bass Sessions". Bass in focus. In the second episode of the Fall-N-iN-Bass Sessions 2023 I will play a mix of atmoshperic jungle tunes. On this morning again endless pads, calm melodies and stumbling, fine clattering drumsections will attend the subs. If this piqued your interest, stay with me and listen to it live! You can listen to the show firstly on 30th September 2023, Saturday morning between 07:30-09:00, either in Budapest on the frequency FM 90.3, or online from anywhere in the world on the website of Radio Tilos: or using the Android application / Windows application of Radio Tilos (you can find information on the website of Radio Tilos or find the applications yourself in the usual online stores).    

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  • 10. Jul. 2023
    DST - Sideway (2023)
    Label: Dubwise No Compromise Format: Digital Release date: 10th July 2023 Cat.No.: N/A Available here: From the bandcamp site of the label: This is our third international compilation album,...
  • 01. Jun. 2022
    DST - Runaway (2022)
    Label: Dubwise No Compromise Format: Digital Release date: 1/June/2022 Cat.No.: N/A Available here: Clips and more link very soon! Few words about the release via Dubwise No Compromise...
  • 10. Jun. 2020
    DST - Circles EP (2020)
    Label: Subotage Records Format: Digital Release date: 10/Jun/2020 Cat.No.:SUB039 Available here:      Clips and more link very soon! Few words about the relased via Subotage Records...
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In this session on Tilos I returned to my winter mix serie entitled "DefroSTing Sessions" I played in months of winter to make better the mood of the morning moments in wintertime with calm musics.

In the second episode in 2023 I played a calm, chill-moody dubstep set. This one was a relaxing session again. I think it was worth to keep with me again!

Listen to the archive if you missed the live session, or if you did not miss it, but you liked it you can listen to it again in the archive of the Radio Tilos!


01.Sir Hiss - Anatolian Heartland (K-LONE Remix) [Wych Music WYCH004]
02.Sleeper - Camel Blues [bandcamp free download 2019]
03.Congi - Somnium [Deep Heads bandcamp release]
04.eeph - Don't Come Back [Deep Heads]
05.Congi - Attenuation (Chord Marauders bandcamp release, track 05 from album Congi - Tidal Fragments)
06.Dillard - Fract (free download Dank 'N' Dirty Dubz 420 Free EP 2017)
07.Escapism Refuge - Dust [Deep Heads]
08.Synkro - Lost For Words [I-Label 346557]
09.Repulsion - Distant Reflection (Route 1 Free Compilation 2016 free download)
10.Biome - Falling [Biome bandcamp release, track 2 of Lost Dubs pt 4]
11.Demure - Running on the Moon (free download Dank 'N' Dirty Dubz 420 Free EP 2017)
12.FLO - Orange Dub (Happy Face) [FLO bandcamp release track 2 of Spectrum EP]
13.Cimm & Silkie - The Celestials (original mix) [Innamind System Music INNASYSTM 001]
14.HxdB - Showdown At The Cinema
15.Congi & B9 - Scales, Steps & Intervals (Chord Marauders bandcamp release, track 09 from album Congi - Tidal Fragments)
16.J.Sparrow - Good Love [Navy Cut NCDIG007]
17.Argo - Window (Ce que tu ne verras plus) [Encrypted Audio bandcamp release, track 8 from album ARGO - One More For My Father]
18.Zeb Samuels & Kiko Continentino - About That Time [Deep Heads bandcamp release]
19.Prism - Inner Dimensions (TUBAf 002)
20.DST - You're Always On My Mind [unreleased]
21.J.Sparrow - Generation Sound [Navy Cut NCDIG007]
22.FLO - Blue Dub [FLO bandcamp release track 3 of Spectrum EP]
23.DST - Circulation [Subotage SUB019]
24.Congi - Sour Diesel (Chord Marauders bandcamp release, track 04 from album Congi - Tidal Fragments)