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  • Legends Of Dubstep pt.4. - Kromestar - mixed by DST // 10.Dec./2022
    Saturday, 19 November 2022 09:00
    In my next session on Tilos I continue the mix serie entitled "Legends Of Dubstep" to present the greatests artists of the genre. The previous selections of the serie were these mixes:Pt.1.BengaPt.2.SilkiePt.3.DistanceIn the fourth part I will play tunes only from Kromestar. His sound is easily recognizable, absolutely on the deeper side of the genre. He is one of the top of tops in wobble sound, but he is also master in deep, meditative, atmospheric sound. I plan a diverse selection, I think it will worth to keep with me again! Listen to the show Saturday morning 07:30-09:00 on the website of Radio Tilos: or using the Android application / Windows application of Radio Tilos (you can find information on the website of Radio Tilos or find the applications yourself in the usual online stores).
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Fantastic news from the Deep Medi Musik UK: Silkie comes again with a new album in 2021! Wow!

The story is that a Deep Medi Takeover was presented on Rinse FM already in September, where Silkie played a fantastic 1 hour set. I can't count how many times I listened to that set...

Then on 31.12.2020. the first "single" from the album has been released on Silkie's bandcamp site, entitled "Big 45" and was pretty serious. Officially published by the label:

We are super excited to share Silkie's 3rd MEDi album.
'Big 45' is the first single taken from 'Panorama' - out on the 29.01.21

This sounds serious standalone too. I already head up for a tune in the set on Rinse FM, in that a female voice says that "Leave It", and I love each minutes of it. After I saw this picture on facebook:

Well I saw that yes: the tune entitled "Leave It" will featured on the album. Cool!

A few days before has been published the next clip from the album:

This is a next genial piece of music (yes featured in the Rinse FM set) I don't know what you think about the album, but it's been already sold to me...

The level has been set to high for 2021!


Latest Dawn Tempo

Saturday, 19 November 2022

Following the tradition of the last year in my next session on Radio Tilos I continued the autumn...


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Wednesday, 01 June 2022

Label: Dubwise No Compromise Format: Digital Release date: 1/June/2022 Cat.No.: N/A Available...


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Sunday, 21 November 2021

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