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  • Atmospheric Jungle Session (Fall-N-iN-Bass Sessions 2023 pt.2.) // 30./Sept./2023
    16. Sep. 2023
    Following the tradition of the last years in my next session on Radio Tilos I will continue the autumn mix-session entitled "Fall-N-iN-Bass Sessions". Bass in focus. In the second episode of the Fall-N-iN-Bass Sessions 2023 I will play a mix of atmoshperic jungle tunes. On this morning again endless pads, calm melodies and stumbling, fine clattering drumsections will attend the subs. If this piqued your interest, stay with me and listen to it live! You can listen to the show firstly on 30th September 2023, Saturday morning between 07:30-09:00, either in Budapest on the frequency FM 90.3, or online from anywhere in the world on the website of Radio Tilos: or using the Android application / Windows application of Radio Tilos (you can find information on the website of Radio Tilos or find the applications yourself in the usual online stores).    

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  • 10. Jul. 2023
    DST - Sideway (2023)
    Label: Dubwise No Compromise Format: Digital Release date: 10th July 2023 Cat.No.: N/A Available here: From the bandcamp site of the label: This is our third international compilation album,...
  • 01. Jun. 2022
    DST - Runaway (2022)
    Label: Dubwise No Compromise Format: Digital Release date: 1/June/2022 Cat.No.: N/A Available here: Clips and more link very soon! Few words about the release via Dubwise No Compromise...
  • 10. Jun. 2020
    DST - Circles EP (2020)
    Label: Subotage Records Format: Digital Release date: 10/Jun/2020 Cat.No.:SUB039 Available here:      Clips and more link very soon! Few words about the relased via Subotage Records...
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New DST release: "Sideway": I am once again honored that my tune "Sideway" is featured on the third compilation on the label "Dubwise No Compromise" entitled "Universal Care vol 3" featuring a variety of dub styles from artists from around the world.

From the bandcamp site of the label:

This is our third international compilation album, which as usual will feature a variety of dub styles from artists all over the world.

Just like before, we would like to help with the power of music, so all income from this album will goes to the Noah’s Animal Shelter (Noé Állatotthon) in Hungary. As they are doing amazing work to help animals, they deserve every help they got.

You can directly support them here:

Here you can support them by buying the album or even selected songs on the bandcamp site:


On 19.05.2023. I will play on TELEP Budapest. I plan a set of tunes only from me, and a set only vinyl. Come and listen!

More informations:

Madách Imre út 8., 1075 Budapest, Hungary

New DST release: "Runaway" is OUT NOW and available until 31.July 2022. featuring on the compilation entitled "Universal Care vol.2." of the Hungarian label Dubwise No Compromise together with many artists from the Hungarian dubwise and dubstep scene!

All incomes offered for charity purpose!

Please support the project with a share or you can purchase the compilation!
See more details taken from the the facebook site of the label:

With Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, many people were forced to flee their homes because of a senseless, brutal war. In order to help, we're releasing this compilation album, with all proceeds going to Migration Aid, an organisation that helps refugees arriving in Hungary from Ukraine.

This is the second release of our label, it will be available only for a limited time, between June 01 and July 31, 2022.

Facebook site of the label:

Soundcloud Player:

From the facebook site of FrozenDub:

We are very proud to announce the next Frozen Plates release! This time we have a very special producer ... it's Cadik!

Cadik is among the very first pioneers of the Hungarian electronic music scene. He started playing DJ sets in the very early ‘90s, showcasing rarely heard, but highly rewarding instrumental and abstract hip-hop records.
In ‘93-’94 he found himself drawn to, and then a part of, the emerging jungle scene, and the drum n bass sound that followed, but his main love was always, until this day, hip-hop.

Cadik has also made award-winning movie soundtracks, and it’s no secret that he was part of an extremely popular Hungarian pop music band called Anima Sound System.
Thus, his musical journey en route to dubstep has been nothing short of adventurous. His first brush with dubstep was in the very early years of the genre, bearing witness to the seed of the sound that we call dubstep today.

Along the way he has crafted tons of his own 140 bpm / dubstep tunes, most of which are kept in locked away in a veritable vault, never having been released. Those in attendance over the years have no doubt heard some of these during his live DJ sets.
To summarize a brilliant, 30-year journey through music in just a few sentences doesn’t do justice to the creativity and artistry of this living legend.

Cadik – "Pasar EP" is a very special release for all of us here at Frozen Plates. For this occasion, we commissioned a full-sleeve artwork.

Our brothers in bass at Jah-Tek kindly premiered one of the tracks on our forthcoming FZP19 release. It showcases Cadik's canny knack for blending traditional Southeast Asian instruments within intricate and chaotic drum patterns. Through it all, Cadik keeps it masterfully minimalist, resulting in one of 2022's most rewarding listens!

Black, 10" lathe cut
20 copies with full sleeve artwork
30 copies usual hand stamped

Follow Frozen Plates:

Soundcloud: @frozenplates

From the facebook site of Dj Cadik:

2 x 10" vinyl Pasar EP FZP19
A: Apa
B. Pali Baba
C: Snake Dance
D: Life Force
forthcoming end of April

Follow Cadik:

Soundcloud: @cadik

From the official Frozen Plates facebook site:
A Frozen Plates kiadó égisze alatt egy estére összehozzuk a magyar deep dubstep élet mestereit. A legsúlyosabb, legfrissebb basszusnehéz zenéket fogjuk tolni a Gólya nagytermében egészen pirkadatig! A hely hangrendszere nagyon szépen adja a mélyeket, úgyhogy a teljes testet és lelket átmasszírozó remegés sem fog elmaradni. Nem csak egy egyszerű dubstep bulival készülünk, ahol 140-es beatek csapkodnak, hanem friss dubplatekkel megtömött táskákkal és old school klasszikusokkal érkeznek a dj-k.
Ervin Hemingway
A pontos időrend később!
Helyszín: Gólya, Orczy út 46-48. Budapest 1083
Dátum: 2022.03.18 péntek, kezdés 22.00 zárás 4.00
Beugró: 1500 HUF
Bővebben a fellépőkről: