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Hello. My artist-name is DST (sometimes as DubSTa on forums, sometimes using the DataSTormer alias for glitchy projects, but first of all you will find me as DST everywhere when this name is available). That is why this website is called This is my recent website since 2020.

Please let me tell you some words about me: I'm electronic music dj and producer and I live in Hungary. Music is all about the BASSLINE for me... 

Currently active first of all in dubstep.

Sometimes I still play electro and glitchy stuff, but during the years I have been playing and/or producing dubstep, breakstep, grime, filthstep, glitch-hop, glitchy breaks, electrobreaks, classic electro, breakbeat, 2step garage, neurohop and progressive psytrance.

But if you really want to understand who I am and why I play always so wide spectrum of electronic music, you need to know my story, how I became active as dj and producer. I tell you now and here...

Beginning of my memories.

My first memories of electronic music drives to the days when I was teenager. When I was 15 and listened a lot of hardcore techno on tapes (Thunderdome IX-XIV, Terrordrome etc.) I got from friends (I got the first tapes as extra when exchanging my old casette-deck for a receiver LOL). I loved that boom-boom bassy sound but it was still about the subwoofers! Haha.

Important: I lived in the countryside and in that days it was much harder to get new informations and hear new music than these days! 

In 1996 started the "FREEE Magazin", that was a newspaper, a mag and that was very important information source for me from the first release during long years! I started to search for that kind of music I read in FREEE and it was a WOW-effect every day. By reading FREEE Magazin paralell I started to listen techno, house, trance, etc. The world of electronic dance music (those days EDM was a different meaning than these days) opened for me more and more!

1996 - An accident in Switzerland or the hand of the fate?

I was on a school-journey in Switzerland and lived at a goa-trance dj. What an accident LOOOL! He brought me to a local goa-trance party and I was amazed of that world. The openness of the people, the colours, the music, the freedom... these all shocked me. I was into that goa-trance sound very much for a year! It was exotic, modern and new. I loved that and I still love that sound. Goa-trance is a very important part of my story.

I was always the extravagant, the weird, the freak in my environment and at this goa-trance-times almost nobody of my environment understood why I love that complicated "yu-yu-yu sound". It is also very important to know about me, that I listened to more kind of music, than I played. The music has been for me a cultural environment, that I could get into, and it was not only a simple background to the entertainment on weekends. According to this I always have been searching the musical genre, that has the actual scene I could get into well in some degree. When I turned away from a genre, the reason of it was, that for some reason I could not associate myself to the view, the society linked to it, or I did not found the scene in my environment linking to the music , althought I loved it. 

1997-1998 House and techno period in my life.

People around me and friends of my always impressed me more or less. People around me loved to listen more simple music, there were even more house and techno parties kept and goa-trance was not too much accepted and loved. I was at many local house-parties for dance and fun (and certainly for the girls haha). I was not bored with goa-trance sound but all because of this, I was touched a bit with house but more with the techno. I started to search for more experimental music. I found the detroit techno sound in 1997 and was into it so much. I loved Chris Liebing, Jeff Mills, Fumiya Tanaka, Steve Stoll, Joey Beltram and so much other names. I started to visit true techno parties and the house parties were too boring for me from that days! I loved that Hyperspace atmosphere. It was inspiring.

1999 - First touch of the bass - first experience in drum & bass, jungle.

I remember I read much over drum & bass and jungle in FREEE Magazin and heard some of them occasionally but did not feel that atmospheric and breaked sound so much that times. It was too easy and calm for me, I was interested more in the industrial sound of techno.

But in spring of 1999 in a lazy dawn (tired after an all night long chipping of techno) I heard the jump-up drum & bass set of Dj Operator Burstup in the chill-out room of Hyperspace and drum & bass touched me really! It was a friendly atmosphere on the dancefloor and I found something I could not find in the techno arena.

After that I started to try find more drum & bass. Internet was not too wide spread and it was still hard to find / hear new music on my local countryside.

2000 - The origin of the name "DST".

Around 2000 I loved the track of Panacea "Datastorm" from the album entitled "Phoenix Metabolism". I begun to name myself as datastormer but it was too long and I changed it to DST. This is the origin of my artist name. No big secret, nothing to do with dubstep that was born many years later.

1999-2001 - Drum'n bass parties and memories.

I remember that there was a regular radio show called "Danubius Hot Mix" on the countrywide available radio station Radio Danubius. Usually it was house and trance but on a nice Friday evening in May 1999 I heard a guest mix in the radio show. Gabor Panczel (Dj Boolek) played 3 blocks with 3 tunes in each: jump-up DNB, jazzy DNB and hardstep/techstep DNB blocks (+1 bonus). I recorded it to tape and listened to it repeated primarily the hardstep/techstep. I still remember all the 3 tracks: Moving Fusion - Turbulence, Origin Unknown - Sound In Motion and Dj Krust - Warhead. It was amazing! I was amazed. I dived into the techstep sound even more. I worked the whole summer at the lake Balaton and in the end of the summer I went firstly to a record shop and bought my first drum & bass CD's including Technical Itch's "Diagnostics" album and Current Value's "Seeds Of Mutation" album. I started to collect drum & bass. I still had no money enough to buy vinyls but I was sure I want to be a DJ. I begun to visit drum & bass parties and had even more friends from all over the country. I still remember my first drum & bass party with Marcus Intalex (RIP) in 1999 in the Labirynth of Budavar and I was at many drum & bass event in 2000-2001. Those impressive years with the movie of "Matrix", the breakthrough of the internet in Hungary. Everything was so promising and futuristic.

2000 - Story of my first Dj-set and connection with Celofan Kollektiva (CK).

In 2000 I made friendship with the Celofan Kollektiva, the electronic music community based in Szolnok. I played my first "dj-set" in Szolnok at a CK-party. I had only 3 breakbeat vinyls I bought from my friend Rudolf some weeks before (LOL). I could not mix at all. To be honest I never touched turntable player (my parents never had turntable player at home) and one of my friends showed me how to put the needle onto the record... (LOL) He also showed me how to mix on turntable players just 1 day before the party. Of course my first dj-set was catastrophic and could not mix anything on that belt driven decks. I played in the beginning of the party and I am grateful that still not much people was there on that party. Haha. But this did not discouraged me from mixing. I started to practice mix at friends whenever and wherever I had could. To be honest I have never had own turntable at my home until 2012 and learned to mix on parties and at friends or when I lended turntables from friends sometimes for practice. It was not easy.

2001 - Start of producing music.

As far as I can remember in 2001 I bought my first PC and started producing music since the first days. I loved to make beats. After the first tries that was some simple jungle / drum & bass tunes based on basic loops, I made my first breakbeats, called those days as "nu skool breakbeat". It was interesting but not enough dark and futuristic to me, no breakthrough at me. But on a nice day one of my friends showed me the compilation of Sound Off by Tipper at it shocked me again. WOW! Tipper's "Tug Of War" - what a tune in was than! I knew it is the style I really want to produce. In around 2002 created my first glitchy breaks stuffs included that granulated bassy sounds that was my trademark in that days. Implant, (dj and producer) co-funder and head of CK always supported me and 2 of my tracks were included on the CK compilation (the tune "Blondie Bassline" entitled still as the worktitle "Blue", and the tune "Virus" entitled still as the worktitle "Green").

2002 - Moving to Budapest.

In 2002 after finishing college I moved to Budapest. I finally found myself in the heart of the electronic music life of the country. From the first days I started to collect vinyls and I head first into the night-life of the hungarian underground electronic music scene. A lot of things of later things was based in those days on breakbeat parties, drum & bass parties. Connections, friendships.

I played in some small event breakbeat sets. I focused on glitchy breaks (called as "electrobreaks" that times), but later more slices of the breakbeat spectrum: progressive breaks, tech-breaks, bassline-breaks, some detroit electro and ragga-breaks. I kept always updated my recent selection with the new waves of the genre and still searching for my own sound, but when playing breakbeat-sets my another trademark was the ragga-breaks. I always felt the vibe of the ragga real fits to me.

2003 - First contact with the early pre-dubstep genre, start of Dawn Tempo years, first website.

I weekly, daily visited my favourite recordshops in Budapest in these days, and when browsing the latest releases I found the first Tempa and Big Apple releases in Deep Records shop in 2003. At first listen it was something real new, I liked that vibe! I turned into that direction from the even more boring and commercial sound of progressive breakbeats.

After the first taste of pro-dubstep release I wanted to find even more and more. In the end of 2003 I was guest dj in the Radio Tilos and met with Format C. I played ragga-breaks and he felt my set. He asked me who I am and if I have fun to play in his radio show called Dawn Tempo that was those days from 5am to 7am in the dawn every Wednesday. I said yes. I started to collaborate with him in the first weeks of 2004 and we played b2b breakbeat sets together.

I can't remember exactly but sometime around 2002-2003 I made my first website as It was about intoducing my tunes and my mixes in flash player. This was my first official website.

Meanwhile I had even more pro-dubstep and 2step garage records and sometimes I had possibility of playing "only dubstep-sets" in the radio. So I'm one of the early pioneers of dubstep outside UK. I was very difficult to find in the first times the dubstep records I heard in online radio sessions and I wanted to play.

2005 - The year of my breakthrough.

In 2005 I started my blog on entitled as Dubster's Laboratory (haha, the blog is still online) but after some month I recreated my offical website based on new basics (Joomla) and could continue my blog on there and I could add my releases. This was my second official website but still on the domain The site was deleted around 2010 because of technical issues.

In 2005 was my breakthrough: my first official release saw the daylight: my remix was featured on the Chi Recordings' sublabel ChiWare first EP. My remix on Amb's Flounder was a tricky glitchy breaky rethink of the original.

2005 - Beginning of the dubstep period, Shooby-Dubby Dubstep Nights, launch, Dub Phase launch.

In 2005 I met with Kebab and Gumilap and we started to organise the first parties focused on dubstep. I was the Shooby-Dubby Dubstep Night.

Later we started our online radio session on Radio Torespont, the Shooby-Dubby Dubstep Session. In 2005 I organised to set up the website (RIP) and forum with help of some friends. It was a society. And I was part of it. We felt it was time of something really new and what we do is important. Since January 2006 we renamed the Shooby-Dubby Dubstep Night to Dub Phase (the name came from me). We collaborated with sponsors and with their support in the background we started to invite the biggest name of the UK dubstep scene and organised proper dubstep events.

2006 - Even more and more releases

Since 2006 I had a lot of releases on very different labels, that you can see in the releases section but I highlight that the first hungarian dubstep release (DST - Suburban Beats AM 11 EP (2006) on Digital Distortions) and the first hungarian dubstep vinyl release (DST - The Suburbanite EP (2007) on Crater Records) is from me. This 12" release is the milestone for me.

I would also highlight my release on Chi Recordings: my tune called "We Are Robots" DST - We Are Robots (2008) was released in 2008 on Chi and this tune was also featured on the 6CD collection of "Hungry For Hungary? 2008-2009" on the disk of electro. I'm proud of to be part of presenting the sound of Hungary. This is also a milestone to me.

2006-2010 - The Dub Phase years.

I seriously think thank one of the most important activities in my life was to set-up and managing the Dub Phase events in Budapest. In collaboration with first of all with the other 2 resident dj's Kebab and Gumilap, and the lot of supporters in the background like Poster Urban Outfit as main sponsor or the graphic designer of the flyers Mom, a lot of music producers like Ekaros and the visual crew (Flashy, Goulish) just to name the most important. A little later joined the crew new dj's Confused and Display and they also did a lot of support for the events.

It was a real story of success to be able to invite the greatest rising or still upcoming names in dubstep: Dj Youngsta, Dj Hatcha, Dj Chef, Dj Distance, Silkie, Kromestar,Tes La Rok and many more. I really don't want to highlight any of the guests, because all of them were important and most of them became earlier or later legends of the genre. Our crew was invited to many of the biggest festivals.

2011-2012 - Period of Otherside years.

At end of 2010 year I stopped to collaborate with the Dub Phase. I don't want to say many about the end of it but a very nice period of time has ended then, but at the same time I was asked to be resident dj of the event-serie called Otherside and another period started. During that period I separated my projects into 2 main ways: glitchy stuff publishing as DataSTormer and my dubstep mixes as DST.

In 2011 and 2012 there was a short period (more than one year) when I had no time to continue Dawn Tempo. In these days I had a weekly online radio session on Bestwave FM as Midnight Freaks Radio Show that focused on the filthy dubstep sound and also tried to set up own events in Budapest (Inside Events focused on glitch-hop and Midnight Freaks Events focused on filthy dubstep). My son was born in 2009 and I had a lot of to do in this years. Due to this issues I hold a pause in Dawn Tempo but I returned to my way in the end of 2012.

2013 - Return to the deeper side of dubstep.

From january 2013 I stopped playing filthstep and returned to the deeper side of dubstep.

Due to the lot of work I had new releases in both dubstep and glitchy directions in 2016. DST - Born 4 Redie EP (2015) and DST - Forgotten EP (2015) I begun in 2015 to work on my first album, that will be a glitchy hip-hop album.

2017 - MinDSTorm Sessions.

In 2017 I had a period of playing the progressive psytrance in my radio show named as MinDSTorm Sessions. If you read my goa-trance roots above, I hope you understand why I did it… I liked that sound but after this period I returned again to the deep dubstep.

Since 2018 - New era of dubstep, new era of Dawn Tempo.

In 2018 I focused on the dubwise dubstep sound in the selection but I always keep my selection updated and recently play on a wide spectrum of deep dubstep (dubwise, trappy, dark, classic, tribal etc). I have a really nice collection both of records in the bag and digital releases on my hdd. I still run the Dawn Tempo Radio Show, since 2020 the show is presented in English and the show is more powerful than ever that I am very proud for! I think the future is promising.

I am also very proud that in 2019 a new release came out on Frozen Plates presenting that I am still in the game. DST - Lost Bass 10" (2019)

2020 - started.

So many radioshows, mixes were created by me since 2010. I also had some new releases in the last decade. Everything were published on the relevant facebook sites but something was missing. A base of everything, a home for all informations about me, my radio-shows, my articles, reviews - this is the reasond why I launched this website, that is my 3rd official website.

I work hard to fill the content from the latest backwards to the earliest, one day it will be done, thanks for your patience!

Yours truly - DST