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Kiadó: Subotage Records

Formátum: Digital

Megjelenés dátuma: 10/Jun/2020

Katalógus szám: SUB039

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There is a growl, a rolling bass and it spins in circles: DST is back with a brandnew very relaxed EP and blows the deep sound from the club into the living room and back.

„Circles“ is the title song of the EP, casual, coherent and creates a broad smile on the faces of our listeners. So relax on the couch and dance!

„57%" uses a remarkably simple musical function: Subbass, kick, clap and space, yet you dive deep into this song and let yourself drift.

„Empty Friendships“ is like the buddy from next door who knows you well. This song tries not to be nasty, but it lures you back to the couch. So get some rest before the closing track begins.

„Skreaming Frequencies“ is the wild devil of the Circles EP, it surprises with a sudden change of mood and booming bass. You already know the song after the first seconds and yet it remains the bad guy until the end.