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Saturday, 25 July 2020

In no order of rate. Babe Roots ft. Danny Cosxcon - World Struggle [System Musik...


In this radio session I selected from deep dubstep tunes. Starting from the deepest depths through some easy garage vibes and then dark pieces until the mix arrives at wobble monsters. Classics and brand new ones. Some percies of my vinyl collection included, but not only I'm sure everyone can find his taste in the selection.


01.Harris Cole - Birds [Chillhop free download]
02.Freud - April In Paris [ADM free download]
03.Loefah - Jazz Lick [Big Apple BAM006]
04.Elefant Doc & Dillard - Tip Toe [Sub Audio SUBAF004]
05.Intoccabile - Darkness Within
06.Ekaj - Tokyo Dub [free download]
07.J:Kenzo - All In [Artikal Musik UK ARTKLP003]
08.Eva808 - It's Me Bitch [Innamind IMX005 B1]
09.Axh - Gemtone [Tempa TEMPA103]
10.DST - Touch [unreleased]
11.Yin Yang Audio - Quetzalcoatl [Dubtribu DTR018]
12.Biome - Delta [Tempa TEMPA090]
13.J:Kenzo - Bloodlines [Tempa TEMPA080D]
14.Gaze Ill - Outcast [ADM Exclusive01]
15.AXH - Everdine [Tempa TEMPA086]
16.Benga - Dominion [Benga Beats]
17.Benga - Roller [Tempa]
18.Benga - The Blues [Benga Beats]
19.Caspa - Submission [Dub Police DP107]
20.Bukez Finezt - Seventeen 45 [Subway SUBWAY039]
21.Sleeper - Boulders [free download]
22.RDG - Space Ride [Kraken KRKN013]
23.Shlump - Alien Technology [Deep Dark & Dangerous DDD028]
24.Badklaat - Head Top [Bassclash BASS008]