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Female Dubstep Session 2020 by DST @ Radio Tilos, Dawn Tempo 07/Mar/2020 BANNER

In this session I played a seletion of dubstep tunes with female vocals for the occasion of the international woman's day 2020. A bunch of beautiful tunes, some of the biggest classics of dubstep. With voices of Animai, Lelijfeld, Tiiu, Ziaflow, Rayne, Iustina, Rani, Yayne, Kaya, Bijou, Monika Emat and many more.



01.DCult & Perverse feat. Ziaflow - Never [Subaltern Tuba SUBTUB02]
02.Vaun & Animai - Taking Over (Anex Remix) [free download]
03.Truth ft Animai & Alicia Kiah - Smoke (Sepia Remix) [Deep Dark & Dangerous free download]
04.Sepia ft. Lelijveld - Regret (Truth Remix) [Deep Dark & Dangerous free download]
05.Demon feat. Monika Emat - The Light [Macabre Unit Digital MUD034]
06.Nomine feat. Rayne - Shockwaves [Tempa TEMPA24LP]
07.Amit ft. Rani - No Mercy [AMAR AMAR001]
08.Skream - Korma [Southside Dubstars SSDUB008A1]
09.Asylum - Things You Don't Know [Uprise Audio UA009]
10.Seven - Walter White [Uprise Audio UA003]
11.Leon Switch x Truth ft. Lelijveld - Silhouette (Pushloop Remix) [Deep Dark & Dangerous free download]
12.Truth ft. Bijou - How Strange [Tempa TEMPA085]
13.LSN - Renegade [Uprise Audio UA008]
14.Asylum - Always Love [Uprise Audio UA006]
15.Blackdown - Lata [Keysound LDN002]
16.The Black Ghosts - Some Way Through This (Plastician & Skream Remix) [Southern Fried Records ECB123DX]
17.Feonix ft. Kaya - Eon Eyes (Slaven remix) [Macabre Unit MUD026]
18.Truth ft. Yayne - I Belong [Tempa TEMPA076]
19.Clouds feat. Tiiu - Under The Dancing Feet (Tes la Rok Remix) [Argon ARG017]
20.Amit ft.Rani - Your Native [Amar AMAR002EP]
21.Synkro - Everybody Knows [Smokin Sessions SMOKE004]
22.Freud & Subtle Mind - Biscaia (free download Dank 'N' Dirty Dubz 420 Free EP 2017)
23.Nibe ft. Shanti - Floating Away (Lutetia Free001)