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In this next session I played a set for you from my records arrived not much before now. Pure vinyl selection again!


01.Unknown Artist - The Woods [Are You Gunna Hold It Down HOLDITDOWN002]
02.Glume - Shriek [Subaltern SUBALT020]
03.Quasar - Looz [Egregore Collective EGV001]
04.Sabab - Piercing White Light [Artikal Musik UK ARTKL049]
05.Diggerz - Chat Noir [Egregore Collective EGV001]
06.D1 - Crack Bong (Loefah Remix) [Version VERSION015]
07.Zygos - Bete Noir [Circle Vision CV009]
08.Unknown Artist - Stumble [Are You Gunne Hold It Down HOLDITDOWN002]
09.Sabab - Fittest Of The Fittest [Artikal Musik UK ARTKL049]
10.Kromestar - Unikron [Vinyl Vigilance VV-FIVE]
11.Sabab - System Skank [Artikal Musik UK ARTKL049]
12.Alix Perez - Lifeline [1985 Music ONEFLTD005]
13.Loefah - Natural Charge [Version VERSION015]
14.Reso - The Essence [Albion Collective ALBION006]
15.Alix Perez - Ravana [1985 Music ONEFLTD005]
16.Sabab - Unity [Artikal Musik UK ARTKL049]
17.Pinch - Boxer (Kromestar Remix) [Tectonic TEC103]
18.Kromestar - The Beez [Nebula Music Group NMGR004]
19.Kromestar - Lion And Thunder [white label LION002]
20.Sub Basic - Walk & Skank [Lion Charge LIONCHGX003]
21.Akcept - Might Of The Trinity [Artikal Musik UK ARTKL034]
22.DPRTNDRP - Faya Blazin’ [Infernal Sounds IFS018]
23.Alix Perez ft. Headland - Ends [1985 Music ONEFLTD005]
24.Dj Distance - Awaken [Chestplate CHST045]
25.Kromestar - Misschief Dub [Vinyl Vigilance VV-FIVE]
26.Darl Tantrums - Time Warp [Infernal Sounds IFS011]
27.Kromestar - Eye2eye [Nebula Music Group NMGR004]
28.MRSHL - Biter [Circle Vision CV009]
29.Alix Perez - Post Mortem [1985 Music ONEFLTD005]

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