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In this session on Radio Tilos I introduced my new EP entitled "Circles" released on 10th June 2020 via Subotage Records.
You can hear all the 4 tunes from the EP with other dubstep classics and brand new stuff.


01.Ourman - Sahara (Silent Motion)
02.PTF1987 - ID [Bass 372 BASS372.002]
03.Ourman - Lost Wind (FatKidOnFire FKOFd043)
04.DST - Touch [unreleased]
05.Glume & Phossa - Silkworm [not on label, bandcamp release]
06.Ishan Sound - NN special [Tectonic TEC077]
07.DST - Circles [Subotage SUB039]
08.DST - Forgotten VIP [unreleased]
09.DST - Skreaming Frequencies [Subotage SUB039]
10.Saraphim - Highs and Lows (Vomitspit)
11.Glume & Phossa - Nerve [not on label, bandcamp release]
12.Glume & Phossa - Puppetz (original) [white PPZ001]
13.DE-TÜ - Digital (DETU003)
14.DST - 57% [Subotage SUB039]
15.DST - Empty Friendships [Subotage SUB039]
16.Sleeper & Youngsta - Systematic Error [Crucial CRUCIAL027]
17.DST - When Shining Lies [unreleased]
18.DST - Fucked Beats Up & Down [unreleased]
19.J Sparrow - Kaleidadope [Deep Medi MEDILP014]
20.T.A.R. &, J. Sparrow - Amplivagant (J. Sparrow Remix) [RAREFIEDREMIX1]
21.DST - Oops [unreleased]
22.DPRTNDRP - What Ya Mean [Infernal Sounds IFS018]
23.Cartdridge - Sacred Scrollz [Albion Collective ACXI]