Summer vibed musics for summer mornings, fourth part. I was chilled and played a Quanta Special Session. Quanta's dubby, psychedelig, a bit glitchy music brought cooling into the hot summer.



01.Tipper - Peripherials [Tippermusic TIP00DL12]
02.Chris Komus - Gallagher's hammer [Shanti Planti SHANTI019]
03.K-Man - Sensations [Tribe12 T12004]
--->>>Quanta Special Session<<<---
01.Quanta - Sensiverse [Enigmatik ENIG020]
02.Quanta - Uprising (Lubdub Remix) [Shanti Planti SHANTI021]
03.Quanta - Connecting Patterns [Shanti Planti SHANTI007]
04.Quanta - Polarity [Shanti Planti SHANTI031]
05.Quanta - Wide Eyed [Shanti Planti SHANTI021]
06.Quanta - Recept (Enigmatik Records - Evolving Freedom EREF free download)
07.Quanta - Cyanesence [Shanti Planti SHANTI031]
08.Quanta - Zion's Code [Shanti Planti SHANTI031]
09.Quanta - Within Creation [Shanti Planti SHANTI007]
10.Quanta - Center Of The Lamp [Enigmatik ENIG009]
11.Quanta - Make It Sow [Shanti Planti SHANTI021]
12.Quanta - Changala [Shanti Planti SHANTI031]
13.Akasha Experience,Quanta - Cup of Dreams (Quanta Flip Edit) [Shanti Planti SHANTI021]
14.Quanta - Emulate [Shanti Planti SHANTI021]