In this session on Tilos I continued my winter mix serie entitled "DefroSTing Sessions" to bring some warmness in your morning moments in wintertime.

In the second episode in 2022 I selected from the released tunes of Biome. Biome's works has been released on the biggest labels during the past years: Tempa, Deep Heads, Black Box, Macabre Unit, etc, which is also a great thing itself, but Biome has also released himself a lot of great pieces via his bandcamp site. I selected tunes and built a set from this great portfolio.


No archive on mixcloud, sorry! smile

01.Biome - Gridlock [bandcamp release, Gridlock EP]
02.Biome - Shadows [New Moon NMN005D]
03.Biome - Delta [Tempa TEMPA090]
04.Biome - Fall [bandcamp release, Existence EP]
05.Biome - Cromos [Tempa TEMPA090]
06.Biome - Northern [bandcamp release, The Really Good EP]
07.Biome - Genesis [Tempa TEMPA090]
08.Biome - Nunchucker [bandcamp release, Gridlock EP]
09.Biome ft.DCult - Persepolis [Macabre Unit Digital MUV001]
10.Biome - Gunshots [bandcamp release, Gridlock EP]
11.Biome - Unity [bandcamp release, Unity EP]
12.Biome - Throwback [bandcamp release, Blurred Lines EP]
13.Biome - Blurred Lines [bandcamp release, Blurred Lines EP]
14.Biome - Time Lapse [bandcamp release, The Really Good EP]
15.Biome - The Scent [bandcamp release, The Really Good EP]
16.Biome - Lime [bandcamp release, Cocoa EP]
17.Biome - Trippy Blue [bandcamp release, Gridlock EP]
18.Biome - Cocoa [bandcamp release, Cocoa EP]
19.Biome - Brimstone [Macabre Unit Digital MUV007]
20.Biome and Demon - Symmetry [Macabre Unit Digital MUV002]
21.Biome - Brimstone [Macabre Unit Digital MUV007]
22.Biome - Shivers [bandcamp release, The Really Good EP]
23.Biome - Closed minds [Tempa TEMPA104]
24.Biome - Black Widow [Macabre Unit Digital MUVD004]
25.Biome - Shaman [On-The-Edge OTE019]
26.Biome - Gateway [bandcamp release, Cocoa EP]

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