2021 is over, and in this session on Tilos I selected the bests of the year and compressed the set into only one session. As always it was again very hard task, because 2021 was again a very productive year with many many good dubstep releases. It is my tradition since years and in the first session of the new year I presented my annual summary. And as usual it is just a selection of the most played or/and by myself highest rated tunes.


01.N-Type & Sleeper - Drift [Wheel & Deal WHEELYDEALY070]
02.DE-TU & Congi - Off My Chest [White Peach WPR053]
03.DE-TÜ - Roadblock [Infernal Sounds IFS029]
04.Zahabi - 7th Seal [Lion Charge LIONCHGX004A]
05.Cimm - Accendino [System Musik SYSTM039]
06.Ourman - Namárië [White Peach WPR054]
07.Hebbe - Low Land Dub [Basskruit]
08.Danny Scrilla - #1 Station [Deep Heads DEEPHDUB003]
09.Hypho & Abstrakt Sonance - Bad Talk [Infernal Sounds IFSDIGI005]
10.KRSLD ft. Flowdan - Zero Tolerance [Retribution RETRIBUTION001]
11.Drone And Hyroglifics - Spear [System Musik UK SYSTM037]
12.Quasar - Laniakea [Foundation Audio FAV019]
13.DubApe & Grawinkel - Untitled [Encrypted Audio ENC056D]
14.Silkie - Strong and Stable [Deep Medi Musik UK MEDILP016]
15.Rareman - Shibuya Nightz (Juan Forte JUAN003)
16.Hypho ft. Strategy - Dirty Water [Deep Dark Dangerous DDD076]
17.Mungk - Puli Kali [Duploc]
18.Saraphim - Ifrit [Nomine Sound NS016]
19.Cimm & Youngsta ft. Riko Dan - Hear That (Trends & Boylan Remix) [Sentry]
20.Biome - Fall [bandcamp release, Existence EP]
21.Compa - Armada Bleeps [Deep Medi Musik UK MEDi119]
22.Quasar - Submersible [Foundation Audio FAV019]
23.Hypho ft. Slowie - Dust Of The Devil [Deep Dark Dangerous DDD076]
24.Glume & Phossa - Vessel [Deep Medi Musik UK MEDI120]
25.PAV4N - STASIS (Hebbe Remix) [not on label, bandcamp release]
26.Glume & Phossa - Banshee [Deep Medi Musik UK MEDI120]
27.Sukh Knight - Havoc [Deep Heads]
28.Ternion Sound & Opus - Mediator [DUPLOC043]
29.Kromestar - Another Day [Deep Heads DEEPHDUB003]
30.eeph - Don't Come Back [Deep Heads]
31.Subreachers - Captain Future [FatKidOnFire FKOFV005]
32.Bidl - London Lockdown [Foto Sounds FOTO011]

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