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In this session on Tilos I continued the mix serie entitled "Legends Of Dubstep" to present the greatests artists of the genre. Silkie's new album entitled "Panorama LP" has just released that was a great occasion make the next episode with his tunes, so in the second part I played tunes only from Silkie and I will frame the new tracks with the older ones together.


01.Silkie - I sed [Deep Medi Musik UK MEDI007S]
02.Silkie - Concrete Jungle [Deep Medi Musik UK MEDICD002]
03.Silkie - Hooby [Deep Medi Musik UK MEDI007S]
04.Silkie - Escape Route [Anarchostar ANRCHSTR002]
05.Silkie feat. Skream - Untitled [Deep Medi Musik UK MEDILP006]
06.Silkie - Entrapment [Anarchostar ANRCHSTR002]
07.Silkie - Anymuzik [Deep Medi Musik UK MEDI072D]
08.Silkie - Leave It [Deep Medi Musik UK MEDILP016]
09.Silkie - Quasar [Deep Medi Musik UK MEDICD002]
10.Silkie - Computer Sound [Deep Medi Musik UK MEDI096D]
11.Silkie - Sty [Deep Medi Musik UK MEDICD002]
12.Silkie - Planet X [Deep Medi Musik UK MEDICD002]
13.Silkie - Ring Mod [Deep Medi Musik UK MEDILP016]
14.Silkie - Purple Love [Deep Medi Musik UK MEDICD002]
15.Silkie - Strong and Stable [Deep Medi Musik UK MEDILP016]
16.Silkie - The Redeemer [Deep Medi Musik UK MEDILP016]
17.Silkie - Impervious [Deep Medi Musik UK MEDI103 A1]
18.Silkie - Spark [Deep Medi Musik UK MEDICD002]
19.Silkie - Pyrrhic Victory [Deep Medi Musik UK MEDILP016]
20.Silkie - Cats Eyes [Deep Medi Musik UK MEDICD002]
20.Silkie - Equine Piper [Deep Medi Musik UK MEDILP016]
21.Silkie - Majik [Anarchostar ANRCHSTR002]
22.Silkie - Big 45 [Deep Medi Musik UK MEDILP016]
23.Silkie - Cats Eyes [Deep Medi Musik UK MEDICD002]
24.Silkie - What You Want [Deep Medi Musik UK MEDILP016]
26.Silkie - Swank [Anarchostar ANRCHSTR002]
27.Silkie - Egyptina March [Deep Medi Musik UK MEDI103 B2]

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