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In this session on Tilos I launched a new mix serie entitled "Legends Of Dubstep" to present the greatests artists of the genre. In the first part I played tunes only from the one and only Benga. His name is a guarantee for a bunch of bassweight and/or melodic tracks driven with the well-known Benga-beats that are great for the peak-hours but stay still on the deeper side of the dubstep.


01.Benga - Roller [Tempa 029]
02.Benga - Music Box
03.Benga - 6306 (Benga Beats BENGA BEATS CD01)
04.Benga - The Blues (Benga Beats BENGA BEATS CD01).wav
05.Benga - Zombie Jig (Benga Beats BENGA BEATS CD01)
06.Benga - Dominion (Benga Beats BENGA BEATS CD01)
07.Benga - Break It (Benga Beats BENGA BEATS CD01)
08.Benga - Dreamgate (Benga Beats BENGA BEATS CD01)
09.Benga - Wobblerz [Big Apple BAM008]
10.Benga - Electro Musik (Benga Beats BENGA BEATS CD01)
11.Benga - Killerstep (Benga Beats BENGA BEATS CD01)
12.Benga - The Future (Benga Beats BENGA BEATS CD01)
13.Benga - The Visitor (Benga Beats BENGA BEATS CD01)
14.Benga - Skunk Tip [TEMPA026]
15.Benga - Middle Man [Big Apple BAM008]
16.Benga & Walsh - Bass face [Bisquit Factory BFR01]
17.Benga - One million [TEMPA044]
18.Benga - Live Drumz [Big Apple BAM008]
19.Benga - Crunked Up [TEMPA026]
20.Benga - Stop watching (Original Mix) [Digital Soundboy SBOY033]
21.Benga - Little Bits (Original Mix) [Digital Soundboy SBOY033]
22.Benga - E Trips [Tempa]
23.Benga & Walsh - Addicts [Textures TEXT011]
24.Benga - Drumz West [Tempa 030]
25.Benga - World War7 (Benga Beats BENGA BEATS CD01)
26.Benga - Still Rockin' [Big Apple BAM008]
27.Benga - Flame [Big Apple BAM008]
28.Benga & Walsh - Bingo [Hotflush HF015]
29.Benga - Duel [Big Apple BAM008]
30.Benga & Skream - Judgement [Big Apple BAM003]

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