In this session on Radio Tilos I selected from my grime records back in the days.


01.Virus Syndicate - Girls [Planet Mu ZIQ120]
02.Mark One ft. JSD - Stand Up [Planet Mu ZIQ112]
03.Virus Syndicate - Wasted [Planet Mu ZIQ120]
04.Nika D ft. Dj Absurd - Felt The Need (MRK1 instrumental mix) [Aphex AR003]
05.Virus Syndicate - Get Money [Planet Mu ZIQ120]
06.Plasticman - Cha [Terrorrhytm TERR002]
07.Plasticman - Be There Or Be Square [Terrorrhytm TERR003]
08.Plasticman - Shallow Grave [Terrorrhytm TERR002]
09.Plasticman - Aqua Riddim [Terrorrhytm TERR003]
10.Plasticman - The Search [Terrorrhytm TERR002]
11.Dj Marsta - Flames [A.R.M.Y. Bullet 001]
12.Skream - Afekz [Southside Dubstars SSDUB007]
13.Virus Syndicate - Clockwork [Planet Mu ZIQ120]
14.MRK1 - Life Support [Southside Dubstars SSDUB001]
15.Dj Marsta - Outback [A.R.M.Y. Bullet 001]
16.MRK1 - Empire [Tyke 002]
17.Plasticman - Section 7 [Southside Dubstars DUBSTARS004]
18.Mark One - Think Tank [Southside Dubstars SS56]
19.Vex'd - Smart Bomb [Planet Mu ZIQ114]
20.Mark One ft. Goldfinger - Ready For It [Planet Mu ZIQ112]
21.Mark One - Blow [Planet Mu ZIQ112]
22.Syer Bars ft. Mr. Slash - Boy With The Fire [promo]
23.2nd II None - BMW [Heavy Artillery HEAVY002]
24.Mark One ft. Nika D. - Contagious Rhymin' [Planet Mu ZIQ112]
25.Mark One - Get Busy [A.R.M.Y. 001]
26.Rossy B. & Luca ft. N.A.S.T.Y. - In The Place [Relentless RL001]
27.Virgo ft. N.A.S.T.Y. Crew & Guests - Nasty Time [A.R.M.Y. Bullet 004]
28.Dj Dreddy - Black Op's Mash Up [ BOOT3]
29.Plastician - Unhappy Shopper [Contagious CON007]
30.Virus Syndicate - Slow Down [Planet Mu ZIQ120]

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