This session on Tilos was a special selection from tunes in my "bag" that was the conception of the 4th part of my Primary Conceptions mix-serie I named as "Progression Dub". I mixed up a bunch of deep, technoid dubstep classics in one mix building up an permanently pulsating and continuously altering progression. Deep basslines and pulsation vibes from Peverelist, Scuba, F, Synkro, Asusu, 2562, myself and more.

01_7EVEN004_F - Phase one [7even]
02_HOTSHORE002_Scuba - Tense [HotShore]
03_OTE003_Synkro - Lost love [On The Edge]
04_TDUBS023_Ike Release - Cool blue [Trackdonalds]
05_DRUNKCD002_Peverelist - Not yet further than [Punch Drunk]
06_TEC021_2562 - Walkover [Tectonic]
07_TEC019_Peverelist - Infinity is now [Tectonic]
08_OTE003_Synkro - Hold on [On The Edge]
09_dub_DJ Madd - Pause [unreleased]
10_DKR008_Asusu - Bruwa [Dubkraft]
11_dub_DST - Sunthing real mentol [unreleased]
12_SMOG003_DLX - Matter of fact (Breakage's relatively speaking remix) [Smog]
13_dub_DST - Dub phase [unreleased]
14_PSQ004_Asusu - No Kya [Project Squared]
15_DRUNK026_Zhou - I Remain (Original Mix) [Punch Drunk]
16_HFT - Sigha - On the strip [Hot Flush Two]
17_7EVEN003_F - Daoine sidhe [7even]
18_DKR014_Sollabong - Flutter [Dubkraft]
19_LFS021_Menik - Close to you [Lifestyle]
20_free_D1 - Sorrow [free download]
21_BRKCD001_Geiom - Hydropine [Berkane Sol]
22_dub_DST - Hypnotise me [unreleased]

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Saturday, 04 December 2021

In this session on Tilos I continued my winter mix serie entitled "DefroSTing Sessions"...


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