Annual Summary 2015 - Pt.2 Dubstep // 26.12.2015

It was december again and one more year left. Going on with my tradition I set up my sessions from the most-played, highest rated tunes tracks. In this second part I will select from my dubstep sets. tracklist:00_intro01_DCult & Perverse feat Ziaflow - Never

Annual Summary 2015 pt1 Future Garage, Bass Music & Glitch Session // 12.12.2015

It was december again and one more year left. Going on with my tradition I set up my sessions from the most-played, highest rated tunes tracks. In the first part I selected from my bass music sets and some glitch-hop tunes. Post-apocalyptic-tribal-house-jungle-techno bass works and glitch favourites will be included.…

Heroes of Dubstep #5 Mark One a.k.a. MRK1 presented by DST // 28.11.2015

In this session on Radio Tilos I selected from the musics of the most productive and determining producer of the early era of dubstep's and grime's interlocking, that musician is Mark One also known as MRK1. This set continued my serie presenting high rated producers or labels of dubstep. tracklist:01_TYKE002_MRK1…

Deep Dubstep Session // 14.11.2015

This session was a selection from the deeper and darker side of dubstep. tracklist:00_intro01_TEMPA093_Nomine - Nomine's Chant

100% Bass Music & Future Garage Session // 07.11.2015

In this session on Radio Tilos I played only bass music / future garage (...whatever we call...) all in the morning. Pulsation of futuristic, dark, hypnotic, born from mixture of house, techno and dubstep, deep freq bassline focused tunes. tracklist:00_intro01_HYPEDIGCD05_Last Magpie - AdLibitum

Pure Wobble Dubstep Selection // 24.10.2015

tracklist:00_intro01_TEMPA020_Skream - Blipstream 30_dub_Ashburner - Fuck this sound (unreleased)

Deep Dubstep Session // 26.09.2015

tracklist:00_intro01_FTVR001_Enigma Dubz - Night Terrors

Heroes of Dubstep #4 D1 presented // 15.08.2015

tracklist:00_intro01_tempa021_D1 - Cocaine02_tempa025_D1 - Foundation03_soulja008_D1 - Belong04_tempa021_D1 - Firin' Blanks05_tempa025_D1 - Greazy06_tempa015_D1 - Degrees07_soulja008_D1 - I believe08_tempa025_D1 - Trial Run09_tempa021_D1 - Missin10_tempa032_D1 - Instep11_free_D1 - All in da swing (free download)12_tempa025_D1 - Quantum Jazz13_tempa012_D1 - Crack bang14_soulja008_D1 - Steam roller15_free_D1 - Et (free download)16_free_D1 - Boiler (free download)17_tempa025_D1 - Malfunction18_tempa032_D1…

Retrospective Dubstep & Grime Session // 01.08.2015

In this session on Radio Tilos you can listen to a random set from tunes of the early years of dubstep and grime. Tunes from MRK1, Skream, Plastician, D1 and more. tracklist: 00_intro01.Mark One - Zulu

Primary Conceptions 14 intro session // 18.07.2015

In this session on Radio Tilos I presented the latest of my mix-serie called "Primary Conceptions". My primary conception was at this mix to collect my true summer-moody, happy, ragga-based dubstep favourites. tracklist:00_intro01_white_R.A.W - Collie Wobble -

100% Bass Music Session // 04.07.2015

tracklist:00_intro01_HYPEDIGCD05_Last Magpie - AdLibitum

Heroes of Dubstep #3 Skream presented by DST // 20.06.2015

In this session on Radio Tilos I selected from Skream's early musics, continuing my new serie presenting high rated producer or label in dubstep. tracklist:00_intro01_TEMPA014_Skream - Midnight request line

Classic Electro Session // 06.06.2015

tracklist:00_intro01_CE011_Deixis & Sync24 - Haunted world

Deep Dubstep Session // 23.05.2015

tracklist:00_intro01_FTVR001_Enigma Dubz - Night Terrors

Tribal Dubstep Tales Session // 09.05.2015

This session was a selection from classic releases of tribal side of dubstep. Tunes with next level percussion and eastern melodies from Tunnidge, Hatcha, Mala, Shackleton, Amen Ra, Killawatt, Blackdown and more. tracklist:00_intro01_UALP004_Feonix - West

100% Bass Music Session // 02.05.2015

tracklist:00_intro01_HYPEDIGCD05_Last Magpie - AdLibitum

Glitch Session incl. DST - Born 4 Redie EP Launch Special Session // 25.04.2015

In this session on Radio Tilos I built my set around my "Born 4 Redie EP" releasing those days on the label Addictech Records, I played glitch-hop and glitch-breaks all the morning. This was a very special session including my released and some unreleased glitchy tunes. tracklist:00_intro01_DST - Born 4…

Bass Music & Deep Dubstep Session incl. DST - Forgotten EP Launch Special Session //…

In this session on Radio Tilos I built my set around my "Forgotten EP" releasing these days on swiss label Subotage Records, I played bass music and deep dubstep all in the morning. tracklist:00_intro01_TEMPACD023D_Proxima feat Dnae - Afterwards

2step Garage Classics Session // 04.04.2015

tracklist:00_intro01_CROS03WRKDL04X_A2_E-Bone - What 2 do (Zed Bias Instrumental)