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Dawn Tempo Radio Sessions by themes:

Annual Summary Sessions

These sessions are made usually once a year to summarize the most played and/or highest rated tunes of the year.

Back To Vinyl Sessions

Vinyl is forever!

Isn't it? :)

I would like to highlight that in the first period of Dawn Tempo (2004-2007) I mostly used vinyls as source of music in the radio (with added digital files of own music and promotional stuffs) but after 2007 the number of vinyls I bought became even lower and I used even more digital. In period of time 2010-2017 I mostly played music from digital files in the radio.

But in 2018, after many years of playing music mostly from digital files, I returned to my vinyl collection, added new items to it and in these sessions I played music using only vinyl.

DefroSTing Sessions

Winter-moody mix-serie since 2020 to bring some warmness in your morning moments in wintertime.

Fall-N-iN-Bass Sessions

Fall-moody mix-serie since 2020. Musics for autumn mornings, including mostly deep, relaxed and atmospheric tunes, influenced by jazz and chill. If you want to beset your morning cup of tea or coffee while listening to music, one of these shows is your proper choice.

Glitch-Hiker's Guide The Galaxy Sessions

Radio-shows when I selected from glitchy tunes in my collection. Glitch-hop, glitch-breaks, electro (classic detroit electro, not the EDM $h1t), electrobreaks and glitchy IDM tunes. (The link for this category still is not working, until no relevant content is available on the website)


Guestmixes played in Dawn Tempo. Since 2018, the radio show became more colourful with the guestmixes.

Heroes Of Dubstep

Legends Of Dubstep

In this serie I played tunes from artists I think are heroes of the dubstep for different reasons, of course mostly because of the music. These sessions are a kind of tribute for the artists.

Summerizm Sessions

Summer vibed musics for summer mornings since 2019, independent form the genre of music. I also added here some of the earlier sessions, when the name was still not created, but I already created the concept of these sessions.

MinDSTorm Sessions

Progressive psytrance sessions I played in 2017-2018. Do you wonder how comes here the psytrance?  Read the article of my introduction here->> Introduction