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  • Deep Pulsation Dubstep Session (Subsonic Spring Sessions 2023 pt.2.) by DST // 8.April/2023
    25. Mar. 2023
    Finally spring is here, when the nature is renewing, fantastic natural flavours fill in the spaces and the fresh energies are almost to reach! In my next session on Tilos I also continue with fresh power presenting musics with subfrequencies in the centre and the title of the session that fits to this period is Subsonic Spring Sessions, as I created in 2022. Dubstep is going to be in the second episode of Subsonic Spring Sessions 2023. Deep, atmospheric dubstep tunes will be in the set, among them more melodic pieces, and although sometimes the beats link to 2step garage way, I will keep the deep pulsation all the way. Keep with me, listen to it! You can listen to the show on 8th April 2023, Saturday morning between 07:30-09:00, either in Budapest on the frequency FM 90.3, or online from anywhere in the world on the website of Radio Tilos: or using the Android application / Windows application of Radio Tilos (you can find information on the website of Radio Tilos or...

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  • 01. Jun. 2022
    DST - Runaway (2022)
    Label: Dubwise No Compromise Format: Digital Release date: 1/June/2022 Cat.No.: N/A Available here: Clips and more link very soon! Few words about the relased via Dubwise No Compromise...
  • 10. Jun. 2020
    DST - Circles EP (2020)
    Label: Subotage Records Format: Digital Release date: 10/Jun/2020 Cat.No.:SUB039 Available here:      Clips and more link very soon! Few words about the relased via Subotage Records...
  • 31. Dec. 2019
    DST - Hidden Possibilities (Free Downloads Album 2019)
    Label: Midnight Freaks Format: Digital (free download) Release date: 31/Dec/2019 Cat.No.MFF002 tracklist:01.Hidden...
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In this session on Radio Tilos I selected from the musics of the most productive and determining producer of the early era of dubstep's and grime's interlocking, that musician is Mark One also known as MRK1. This set continued my serie presenting high rated producers or labels of dubstep.


01_TYKE002_MRK1 - Dirty birds [Tyke]
02_BOK006_MRK1 - Deadman [Boka]
03_ziq169p_MRK1 - Grit [Planet Mu]
04_SS056_Mark One - Random [Southside Dubstars]
05_ziq112_MRK1 - Ready for it feat.Goldfinger [Planet Mu]
06_DUBSTARSMRK001_MRK1 - Steppaz [Southside Dubstars]
07_BOK006_MRK1 - Trenchwall [Boka]
08_ziq112_MRK1 - Blow [Planet Mu]
09_TYKE002_MRK1 - Dirty birds [Tyke]
10_SS056_Mark One - Think Tank [Southside Dubstars]
11_BOK006_MRK1 - Tinkerbell [Boka]
12_TEC007_Mark One - Slang [Tectonic]
13_con008_MRK1 - Eye of Mind [Contagious]
14_BOK006_MRK1 - Quiver [Boka]
15_TYKE002_MRK1 - Lounge [Tyke]
16_SS056_Mark One - Airhead [Southside Dubstars]
17_ar003_Nika D ft. Dj Absurd - Felt the need (MRK1 instrumental remix)
18_ziq169p_MRK1 - Slope [Planet Mu]
19_ziq112_MRK1 - Contagious rhymin feat.Nika D. [Planet Mu]
20_boka002_Mark One - Lost gold [Boka]
21_ssdub002_Mark One - Zulu [Southside Dubstars]
22_text006_Mark One - Tribesman (Remix) [Textures]
23_boka002_Mark One - The greatest [Boka]
24_ssdub001_MRK1 - Life support [Southside Dubstars]
25_army001_Mark One - Get busy [A.R.M.Y.]
26_ssdub001_MRK1 - The Bomb [Southside Dubstars]
27_storm006_Mark One - Stargate 92 rmx [Storming]
28_CONCD003_MRK1 - The electrician [Contagious]
29_army001_Mark One - Space hopper [A.R.M.Y.]
30_con007_Mark One - Doomed [Contagious]
31_ziq112_MRK1 - Cyberstate [Planet Mu]
32_ziq120_Virus Syndicate - Wasted [Planet Mu]
33_ziq112_MRK1 - Bang bang boy [Planet Mu]
34_con006_Sizzla - I Got Too (Mrk1 Mix) [Contagious]